Secret Garden 家园私房菜 , SS23 Taman SEA

Secret Garden 家園私房菜 was started on the dining world in October 2016 that created an environment that would bring to life the delicious Taiwanese cuisine they wish to serve , but also in awesome interior design as well as a special mural painting depicting a beautiful and mystical love story by the  painter .

It was a secret place that we can retreat to when the bustle of the world rides accompanied by hearty comfort foods .  Secret Garden Hotpot serves a wide assortment of fresh and healthy ingredients that are carefully handpicked by the chefs every day .

The shop is located at SS23 Taman Sea and easy to be seen while passing by with the big bright creative signboard , probably Nearby at the famous Ming Tien Food court in Taman Megah . Secret Garden owned the whole building of two shoplot unit and opening soon on first floor for Private dining occasion and second floor for bar lounge that sells all the imported alcohol .

The entrance was out of your mind . The moment I stepped in , I was Stun by the interior decoration and the Mural paint on the wall . Secret Garden can be considered as Chinese Fine Dining cuisine that serve Steamboat and A la Carte Dishes . The menu have huge variety selection from steamed , baked or stir fried dishes , At Secret Garden We can enjoy the authentic taste of Chinese culture through the flavours in their dishes .

The wall that mural painted classic women in 60's , alive blossom flower , Classic street light and attached with the "Ah ma" bicycle . The seating area in Secret Garden is a pleasant with round and rectangular tables or long rectangular table for large group dining experience . the space between tables to tables are wide out nicely which allows for more comfortable dining .

Steamed Free Range Duckweed Fed Chicken with Homemade Sauce (The chicken rear for more than 120 days)
Signature Taiwanese Style Braised “Dong Po” Pork Belly (RM38 small, RM66 large)

新年火锅套餐 1:“鸡”唱吉祥到

6 pax = RM388
10 pax = RM688

1. Yee Sang with Salmon
2. Taiwanese Deep-Fried Crispy Salted Chicken

1. Secret Garden Imperial Chicken Broth

Hot Pot Ingredients:
2. Seafood Platter: Tiger Prawn, White Clam, Fish Maw, Scallop
3. Sliced Pork Neck
4. Sliced Beef / Sliced Lamb
5. Handmade Pork Balls with Mushroom
6. Handmade Tobiko Squid Balls
7. SG Seafood Dumpling “Kao Zi” and Chives Pork Dumpling “Kao Zi”
8. Handmade Fish Paste
9. Mix Vegetables and Mushrooms Platter
10. White Bean Curd
11. Fu Chuk Skin (Bean Curd Skin)
12. Udon Noodle

Herbal Jelly with Wild Honey

新年火锅套餐 2: 吉“鸡”祥富贵

6 pax = RM888
10 pax = RM1688

1. Yee Sang with Jelly Fish and Salmon
2. Taiwanese Deep-Fried Cripsy Salted Chicken and Fried Sotong

1. Premium Wild Forest Truffle and Mushrooms Broth

Hot Pot Ingredients:
1. Seafood Platter: Abalone Clam, Tiger Prawn, Geoduck, Sliced Snapper,White Clam, Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber
2. Sliced Japan Sendai Beef
3. Sliced Iberico
4. Handmade Black Truffle Balls
5. Handmade Squid Balls
6. Handmade Pork Balls with Mushroom
7. SG Seafood Dumpling “Kao Zi” and Chives Pork Dumpling “Kao Zi”
8. Handmade Fish Paste
9. Handmade Prawn Paste
10. Mix Vegetables and Mushrooms Platter
11. Homemade Organic Black Bean Curd
12. Fu Chuk Skin (Bean Curd Skin)
13. Taiwanese Bamboo Charcoal Ramen and Taiwanese Spinach Ramen

1. Chinese New Year Special Dessert

Thinking of where to have your reunion lunch/dinner with your love one in this coming Chinese New Year ? Secret Garden Chinese Restaurant PJ has recently launched their Chinese New Year Hot Pot package . Looking for good food during Chinese New Year and wanted to bring along your family ? You may consider in bringing them here for a healthy hot pot dining .

Secret Garden 家园私房菜
Address : 7 & 9 , Jalan SS 23/15 Petaling Jaya 
,Selangor 47400
Contact : 03-7887 6999
Hours : Daily 


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