Maggi Workshop With Chef Muluk

Maggi - Tefal - Involve Asia - Chef Muluk - Lazada

Feel great to be invited by InvolveAsia for bloggers only maggi workshop with Chef Muluk . The workshop event was held at Nestle HQ mutiara Damansara . This campaign was involve with Nestle Maggi , Tefal , Involve Asia , Chef Muluk and also Lazada .

That's the title for the workshop today " Discover The Joy Of Homemade Cooking " Chef Muluk will show us to use Maggi product to cook the best dishes at home .

Chef Muluk Show all the ingredients that prepared for the cook . and a must have Tefal non stick frying pan , he explain how good and how great is the Tefal frying pan work out for him during the show . Chef Muluk will prepared two dishes by using maggi product and lets everyone in the room to try it .

First Dish on table Maggi noodle Salad , by using the all new product in the market Oatmee , Salad stuff and Chicken breast that stir without a drop of oil with Tefal Non-stick Frying pan .

Second dish is ready to be serve , one kind of Risotto rice "Paella" and Cukup rasa Seasoning cooked with Tefal Non-stick frying pan .

After Chef Muluk done his cooks and it's our turn to cook two different dishes from ingredients that provided , all the bloggers been seperated to five Team A , B , C , D , E and five person in a team . I'm in team C with Hanim , LeYa , Leeyan & Kak Halimah . Kak Halimah takes the lead since she is more experienced in cooking . Others do with the cutting , washing  and Posing for camera . 

Forty five minutes been giving to complete the two dish cooked , Great things to do together from unknown each other till we get close to know each other and works as a team to complete the task without any issue . We been given Stingray , Lady finger , mince ginger & red onion , chillie paste , Anchovies stock oil and Pumpkin .

And all the Item behind us can be use for the cook .

Our Creation , Stir Pumpkin Fishball and Stingray Asam Pedas .

The Full of confident winning look , Team C ! Team C ! Team C ! Team C !

Chef Muluk and others as a judge testing every team dishes to decide the winner .

When Chef Muluk started to call out the winner , everyone was curious and we was curious too , and the winners goes to team E . today the luck was not at our side anyway Congratulation to team E , they will walk away with Tefal deep Fryer that worth RM499 and One box Full of Maggi Product . you see how happy they are . 


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