MR Gunpla Studio & Cafe , Kota Damansara

Rainny Day on the visit to MR Gunpla Studio & Cafe since they started their business on 1st August that located at The Strand , Kota Damansara . Luckily not that heavy by running from my car to enter the shop . this cafe is recommended by one of my friend since he is a big fan of gundam .

Nowdays there was alot of cafe out there that influnce by japanese and U.S Cartoon character or super heroes like hello Kitty cafe , marvels heroes cafe and lot lot more . While we enter the cafe . Called , Gunpla gods , the storefront and inside has a lot of builded “master grade” Gundam models been dishplay and not for sale and  means they take at least a month to complete , some of them is limited edition .

Greetings to Gundam fans all over Malaysia , Gundam is a Japanese anime movie and TV franchise set in the future where Mobile Suits giant robots with human pilots patrol the Galaxy and beat the crap out of each other and various planetary systems Gundam , and its very distinctive styles of Mobile Suits , have a massive worldwide following . Gundam is not called a 'robot.' it's a Mobile Suit , If you don't really know what that is , check out the preview for this summer's film, Pacific Rim , and America's own version of the mobile suit phenom .

Cool Looking Ashtray 
Sazabi Logo coffee art on Caffe Mocha

Monster tower gunpla burger - Beef/Chicken seared patties , The smell of adrenaline filled the air, as well as the aroma of juicy patties being cooked .

Aglio Olio - This was their seafood aglio olio–was actually decent considering the fact that this is more of a bakery than an Italian restaurant! The pasta was well made, with a generous portion of seafood (cshrimp, mussels, etc .)

Actually MR Gunpla Studio & Cafe stand with two floors with cafe at the ground and studio on the first floor . after done my yum yum full full meal , we went up to explore the owner studio that located on the first floor , Let's see what happening inside .

Huge Space In this workshop that you will learn techniques that are more advanced than just clipping the bits and putting them together. You will learn how to properly clean, sand, remove nib marks, fix dents, remove seam lines, drawing/scribing panel lines and basic painting .

But , if you really want to drop some cash on Gundam models , head to the shops on the first floor . You can pick up a new Gundam models . They have a lot of Gundam model to be select . The Workshop is free , But you must bring your own or purchase your own Gundam kit to participate . Kits will be available at here . Apply the skills you have learned directly to your own kit , Don’t worry , there is no time limit . Tools and rented paints will be provided for and at your disposal .

You need to understand this so that what I am about to discuss is not taken the wrong way. Everyone who enjoys these arts has their own reasons for doing so. They also have their own  preferences in the types of paints and products they use .

The Owner of the shop collected transformer models from the antique cartoon version model till now the movie version model .

Nice Place to hangout and chill even thou you are not a gundam fans like me but It helps me on some experience for knowing more about Gundam figures . come and get to know more about them or Just cup of coffee with Gundam Coffee arts .

MR Gunpla Studio & café
5, Jalan PJU 5/20a, Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
contact : +60 3-6151 8482
TUE - SUN 11am - 11PM
Closed on Monday


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