Malaysia Wonders - Mission 6 - Food Hunt

Mission 6 - Food Hunt

Vote been pick up for choosing partner in the food hunt , one local blogger and one thai blogger as a team for the food hunt challenge in Chinatown and My partner of the day is Noppadol Phokachaipatana (Do) , DO is one of the top thailand travel blogger .

In this Challenge , RM30 been given to get five foods around Flea Market in Petaling Street and buy souvenier as much as can .

Sweet Potato Balls & mua chi
Air Mata Kucing & Roasted Chestnuts
Apom stall haven't open due too early , Luckily this photo can proof and done our food hunt list .
The last mission is getting souvenir , we need to bargain price and get more quantity of souvenir to win the challenge . 

After done all the task , we need to get back to Einstein cafe to report ourself in to make sure which ranking we at . We collect all four food and 12 unit of souvenir .

What A Surprise , we are the first team report in . there was two categories for the prize , souvenir Quantity and first team report in , we won the first team report in categories and the prize was three adult ticket pass to tambun lost world at ipoh . thanks to Tourism Malaysia for the great offer .


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