Fish Farm Restaurant , Langkawi

Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant is a tranquil seafood eatery located just a few minutes’ drive from the bustling Kuah town centre. Surrounded by a vast garden area, diners can enjoy their meal in a peaceful bay .

Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant allows diners to choose live seafood such as mantis prawns, lobsters, and crabs which are kept in large aquariums. 

The indoor dining section is spacious and beautifully decorated with pirate ship replicas and fishermen lanterns hanging from the ceiling while the sea deck outside is an open-air dining space with a stunning view of the Andaman Sea.

Nice setting clean and spacious and the Staff attentive and generally spoke very good English . All food portions was big in good value too .

A dinner night out for 6 people was enjoy a nice meal with beach breeze, the food is amazingly done and prepared .


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