Yuen Kee Loh Mee , ULU Yam Lama

源记驰名卤面@Ulu Yam
To those who loves a bowl of Loh Mee, Ulu Yam is the place in mind. For those who has never heard about Ulu Yam, it is sort of a half way point between KL and Fraser Hill, within Batang Kali.

After We pay a visit at
Guan Yin Ge-Ampang Pecah / 觀音閣-老古毛,
then we head to Ulu Yam Lama for loh mee as our lunch...the weather was terrible hot 
At First we thought of going opposite this shop(Yellow sighboard,got a  word"ho jiak") that same selling loh mee but full house till need to stand for place to sit...haiz...
Heard my friend said that they have something special "Fried clam" and "fried chee chong fun",what can do,so i decide to pay a visit next time lo...

"Loh Mee"
"kou yok mee"
fish cake – the bouncy texture of the fish cake is good but the crust is slightly coarser and rougher.
"Shang xia mee" This was not worth at all,Rm78 for this dish...3 big head prawn been divide by 2
Big Head Prawn

The restaurant is situated deep inside Ulu Yam Lama and if you’re not familiar with the area, I hope you’ve got a GPS unit. The place was pack with lunch crowd and waited for 1/2 hour before our dishes came.so the thick and noodle springy. Fish cake was fresh and good..


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