Tong Sui Kai 糖水街 , Ipoh's Dessert Street

Going back to Ipoh to spend my holidays does lead me a walk down memory lane. I recall my schooling days, when I used to spend my time to have a refreshing cup of drink or a bowl of shaved ice....
Named as Tong Sui Kai (Tang Shui Jie ) due to its popularity of desserts, this row of hawker stalls is also pretty well known among Those the locals and tourists for its hawker food too.

Looking for a parking spot at Dessert Street was never easy I would say. It took us quite a while to finally settle for dinner right in front of a random dessert stall, only to realize limited choices of food were available along the street. Fried noodles of any kinds, noodles served with soup, fried rice, snacks, and et cetera, are of which I could easily get them of better taste with the similar price in Kuala Lumpur.

The Most Expensive Rojak I Had
do you believe that this plate of rojak cost me RM 10,i was forget to take picture of the stall...

I know it is Chinese New Year but the price is too over for consumer..others stall was selling for Rm 5.50 When I visit the next day

RM 4.80 Mix Fruit Ice With Jackfruit

This dessert comprised slices of mango, longan and watermelon balls on sweetened shaved ice. It comes garnished with salted peanuts, jelly strips and a nice big scoop of ice cream. Very refreshing, especially with the addition of the watermelon.

A good variety of eateries and foods for your salivating tongue. My favorite place for supper!

A good place to go if you crave for desserts as I believe they open till 3am especially on weekends

# 17th oct 2014 visit

Tong Sui Kai (Dessert Street), 
Jalan Sultan Ekram, 
30300 Ipoh, Perak. 
GPS Coordinates : 4.595333, 101.087308

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