My Burger Lab,Seapark,SS2

This is not anything new but it is still new for me Bcoz This was My first visit... My Burger Lab has the best burger in town.

Elaine And me Decide to have our dinner here since we said it for ages...

The long queue outside that wats always rumors says but still fine when reach there....

the burger is crazy delicious. Demands are high, but the supplies are limited.

The restaurant is located at the quiet row of shop in Seapark, very near to the Seapark wet market, was easy to find. 

Noticed that the majority of the customers are young people, mostly student but you do see uncle, aunty and the older generation coming in as well. Bet they are checking out what's the fuse is all about.

They even have an African waiter who actually added something extra to the place, perhaps as racist as it sounds, some color.   Everyone had a nice spunky cheery My Burger Lab Polo.

One thing to note, everyone spoke very good English, which is a change in places like this who usually hire foreign staff who sell things they don’t have a clue off. This is a big plus point to me because they mingled, they explained they had good product knowledge.

MyBurgerLab’s specialty is fresh cooked Australian grass-fed beef burgers but there are grilled chicken burgers as well as mushroom-based burgers. The burgers come in home- made bamboo charcoal buns with lettuce and grilled tomatoes. Add-ons like extra cheese, mushrooms and caramelised onions are available
We Ordered 2 Cthulhu & A Hangover

  • Hangover--Beef, Crispy Hashbrown, maple syrup, mushroom-RM16.00
  • Cthulhu--Beef, Deep fried 'rock hard' oyster, sharp cheddar. evil cocktail sauce-RM16.50

  • Awesome Fries (Full Basket) lightly salted with a sprinkling of herbs,and come wit chilli mayonnaise-RM9.00 

images images22 images (1)11- youtube logo

No. 14, Jalan 21/22, 
Seapark 46300 
Petaling Jaya,Selangor. 
Business Hours: 
5pm - 10.15pm daily
Closed on Mondays


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