Sin Eng Heong’s Famous Kaya Puff, Ipoh

They moved a few shops away from their original location, expanding their business in an air-conditioned shop..

Previously operating two doors away, they moved to this new location, and revamped the ambience, albeit increasing the price by a minimal margin. However at a mere RM0.60 per piece (5 April 2010-RM0.70 per piece and now 24 august 2013-RM0.80 per piece), the puff may look mini, but in fact packed with flavours from the awesome kaya (egg jam) fillings, and the flaky, crispy-when-hot pastry.

Trays of freshly baked, flaky golden brown puffs filled with delightful ‘kaya’ (sweet coconut jam),Baked until a golden brown; for 20 minutes in the electrical oven. The crisp, flaky pastry crumbles when bitten...
Colourful varieties of smaller biscuits; filled with lotus paste/red bean. They also make ‘Lou Por Peng’ or wife biscuits (literal translation) and ‘Gar Lui Peng’ (dowry biscuits?!)

10 pieces to a box, or 5 pieces in the smaller plastic container. At RM0.80 each,On a good day, he bakes about 3000-4000 pieces of kaya puffs. And let’s put it this way. He only hires 3 staff in the ‘manufacturing facility‘. Aside from that? Himself, his wife and another helper will assist in rolling the dough for the other biscuits in the small section separating the retail portion of the shop, and the kitchen.

Perfect when consumed hot, or fresh from the oven, the puff retain their crispiness even after several hours.
Not an unusual scene, already a well-controlled crowd compared to some days when the rowdy and ruthless ones got all pushy and throw tantrums when they don’t get their way. People, you can always call and make reservation in advance.

Sin Eng Heong Foodstuff Manufacturers
No. 64, Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri 
(Jalan Clare)30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Telephone : 05- 2439659,
or 012-4534596 (Elaine)
GPS: 4.5948, 101.0848


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