Chung Kee "Dai Shue Geok",忠记兵如港口大树头炸料粉,ipoh

In Ipoh, there are lots of good food around, but then everyone is asking me what else to eat in Ipoh?
It was a food paradise in IPOH,you can even finish all the food in 2 day....

This is the famous Chung Kee "Dai Shu Geok" in Ipoh. Dai Shu Geok meaning Big Tree Foot. The name is given because Chung Kee is originally located below a very big tree, so Ipoh people call the place Big Tree Foot rather than Chung Kee. It's well known, any Ipoh people will be able to point the direction.

When I arrived, I saw that some of the trays were empty, but soon after I found a seat and made my way over again, they had been briskly refilled with hot, fresh ones.
Alright, here is the typical set-up of the Chung Kee stalls. They pre-prepare all the food, and put them up the tray in their respective type, and you take what you fancy. It's much more organise now comparing to old times, so all good. Once you make your choice, then they will cook / fry it for you.

However, the Red Bean Ice / hong dau suet was a joy to drink in the sweltering heat! It had a lovely consistent texture from the blended red beans, just runny enough to be consumed through that straw. It was also very creamy and just sweet enough for me
mostly consisting of the traditional stuffed items like wantans, aubergine, ladies' fingers, chilli, tofu, foo chok (beancurd sheets) and the newer varieties more recently created, like yau cha guai (chinese crullers), stuffed hard boiled eggs and stuffed long bean rings. Each piece is RM 0.60, cheap in comparison to yong tau foo in KL.....

The fritter was crispy on the outside, while inside consisted of translucent bits of chopped sengkuang that turned out slightly sweet and chewy. This seemed to be everyone's favourite as well

RM10 serving of the siu yuk (roasted pork) from this stall,The flesh was sufficiently tender, but I wished the crackling was a lot crispier.

Dai Shu Geok 大树脚,
Ipoh Famous Yong Tau Foo
No. 652, Jalan King,
Pasir Pinji, 31650 Ipoh,
Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 012 524 5408
Opening Hours: 10am-5:30pm
Location Coordinate: 
N4°34'56.12" E101° 5'8.65"


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