Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken 'Yim Kok Kai' 宴琼林盐焗鸡,Ipoh

nowadays, the number of shops selling this Ipoh’s specialty are on the rise, but one brand manages to stand out among the crowd, and it’s no surprise Aun Kheng Lim had stood the test of time for an impressive 21 years

If you happened to drop by Ipoh for Lou Wong bean sprout chicken rice, you can walk over to another street for the Aun Kheng Lim salted chicken. You can only take away since they don't have dine in service.

Aun Kheng Lim has somehow set a standard for other proprietors of salted chicken outlets. But still manages to stood the test of time, judging by its popularity, and rapidly sold-off chickens especially on weekends and public holidays. Thus, booking in advance may help considerably here.

It is wrapped up in a few layers of parchment paper and then baked in salt. So, the outcome is a herbal infused and salty fragrant chicken. Each chicken cost RM17. The portion is just enough for 2 to serve with steamed rice.

A whole chicken that they use free-range chicken ('kampung' chicken), wrapped in paper, then baked with rock salt to produce that specific aroma and flavour. The herbs used are not overpowering, hence those not accustomed to herbal dishes may enjoy the salted chicken with no qualms. The tender flesh practically falls off the bones, and no cutleries is required. Bare hands tearing at the delicious chicken is the way to go.

Most outstation visitors drop by to takeaway a bird before leaving Ipoh. Wrapped neatly, this delicacy is meant to be taken home, pull apart and enjoy with family members. Do not waste the carcass, as they are good for chicken broth

Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken 
No. 24, Jalan Theatre, 
30300 Ipoh, Perak. 
Tel : 05-2542998
Opening times: 10am til chickens sold off 
GPS Coordinates:4.594734, 101.083542


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