Yik Mun Pau - The Famous Tanjung Malim,Ipoh

Irresistibly delicious, the taste of the pao,The steamed pau's now come in four flavours which are chicken curry, beef curry, red bean and coconut jam (kaya).

the shop has been certified halal, and now serves mostly Malay dishes. 
Today, it has two other outlets in the Kuala Lumpur in Petaling Jaya at Plaza Damas in Sri Hartamas and 1Utama shopping mall.
And this is my first time step in this shop ,try the famous pao in tanjong malim....

I tried their HAINAN KACANG and KARI AYAM...

HAINAN KACANG pao was abit normal la....but the KARI AYAM pao was nice....heavy aroma of spice....the fillings are dense (because the minced chicken is thoroughly mixed with the curry, plus the absence of potatoes), not oily, adequate and deliciously addictive....After removing the outer thin protective skin, the pau skin is soft...it was juicy...
purchase the pau in frozen pack (come in 6 pau(s)/pack). It just take about 10 minutes steaming and the pau(s) will be readied and taste as good as eating at Yik Mun restaurant itself.
Yik Mun also sells its own range of products like Hainan Kaya, Hainan Tea and Hainan White Coffee.

             THE HISTORY

THE Tanjung Malim pau is a success story of how a united Hainanese family choose to preserve a family traditional business pass down from their forefathers and turned in into a successful food and beverage chain.

From a small coffee shop, Yik Mun Restaurant, which used to operate along the main trunk road leading to Ipoh, prior to the opening of the North-South Expressway, has grew with times.

Kok Ee Chun, who came from China to settle in Tanjung Malim in 1926 to seek greener pasture, started the coffee shop. His halal pau had been known since then.

Over the years, Yik Mun business has expanded. Aside from having the two outlets in the Klang Valley and a stall at the PLUS rest and recreation area in Ulu Bernam to serve their specialities, it also distributes their famous dumplings to four Petronas petrol kiosks along the expressway south of Tanjung Malim.

He recalled the days where his parents having to get up as early as 3am to cook the kaya (coconut jam), roast the coffee beans and make the paus before they opened for business.

”Customers would be lining up as early as 4am at our Jalan Besar shop to buy our pau or have a cup of our specially brewed coffee,”

And after 85 years in the business, Yik Mun still serves the same original popular kaya, red bean paste, curry chicken and curry beef fillings pau. The restaurant has also included western cuisines such as chicken chop, steaks, noodles and fried rice to their menu.

There are also additional Hainan White Coffee, Myneslo’s Hainan Mocha, Mychoc, Hainan Tea, My Tongkat Ali Ginseng Coffee in sachets form found in Yik Mun.

3, Jalan Besar, Tanjung Malim
Perak, 35900, Malaysia
Tel: 05-4596380
GPS Coodinates : 3.684104,101.521748
working hour :  8.30am to 9.30pm.


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