Fire Up Your Tastebuds This Ramadan And Raya With The Hot Return Of Texas Chicken's Ayam 8 Lada

Petaling Jaya, 3 April 2023 - Texas Chicken Malaysia has brought back Malaysian crowd favourites for a limited period only – the Ayam 8 Lada and Chocolate Chip Biscuits – following strong customer demand year-on-year, ever since the popular pairing was first introduced four years ago.

The fiery Ayam 8 Lada will set tongues ablaze with its unique, flavourful glaze using eight different types of peppers - the Thai green chilli, red chilli, black pepper, jalapeno, chipotle, Szechuan, cayenne, and ancho peppers. An absolute hot hit for those with bold tastebuds!

In efforts to keep festive traditions alive, Texas Chicken has also developed a set of Sampul Duit Raya (Raya packets) with five distinct designs inspired by the unique Islamic Art patterns. A set of Raya packets will be given out free with every Ayam 8 Lada combo meal purchase or a minimum purchase of RM20 in a single receipt, starting from 7 April 2023. At the back of each Raya packet is a coupon that can be used to redeem a free chocolate chip biscuit or honey butter biscuit with a qualifying purchase.

Texas Chicken Malaysia's General Manager, Tham Yue Foon shared, "At Texas Chicken Malaysia, we continuously listen to what our customers want as their support is crucial for us to grow better and stronger. Knowing that the Ayam 8 Lada is a hot Malaysian favourite, we decided to bring this limited-time offering back this Ramadan and Raya on top of our existing promotions and discounts – for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, in keeping with the spirit of Ramadan, we are giving back to the community where our outlets are, by donating around 1,500 freshly-prepared Texas Chicken meals to selected charity homes and mosques / surau for buka puasa and moreh.”
Menu Rahmah by Texas Chicken
Texas Chicken introduced its Menu Rahmah line-up on 7 March 2023, which was made available from 12pm to 3pm daily, in response to the Malaysian government's efforts in lowering people's cost of living by offering a full meal at RM5.

In view of the fasting month, Texas Chicken’s Menu Rahmah will be offered from 12pm to 8pm daily at nearly 90 Texas Chicken outlets nationwide. Additionally, in an exclusive collaboration with one of its food delivery partners, the Menu Rahmah will also be available via foodpanda throughout Ramadan.

“Texas Chicken Malaysia is a brand for all walks of Malaysians, and we want to continue to ensure that we have an array of offerings for Malaysians to enjoy throughout the year. With this limited-time Ayam 8 Lada and Chocolate Chip Biscuits, as well as our ongoing offerings from our regular menu and value platforms – we will continue to reach, engage, and grow our Texas Chicken fanbase,” Tham concluded.


  1. Fire up your tastebuds this Ramadan and embark on a culinary journey filled with delectable flavors and tantalizing dishes. As we embrace the spirit of Ramadan, the opportunity to explore diverse and vibrant cuisines becomes even more enticing. From savoring traditional Ramadan delicacies to discovering new twists on classic recipes, let this season be a time of culinary adventure and indulgence. May your iftar meals be filled with joy, togetherness, and unforgettable flavors that ignite your senses. Ramadan Kareem!


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