From A Household Setting To A Restaurant The Secret of Hung Chun’s Sauces

Chinese New Year is approaching, reunion and the reunion dinner are much anticipated. As one of the popular local brands, Hung Chun, worked with Pullman KLCC executive chef, Fong Teik Fei, to discover the secret behind Hung Chun’s sauces.

To bring Hung Chun products to the eyes of the public, today Hung Chun has teamed up with Pullman KLCC’s RED Restaurant chief chef Fong Teik Fei, using Hung Chun’s products to prepare Chinese New Year delicacies. “My mum is a big fan of Popo Soy Sauce, so I am very familiar with the brand. The brand’s products are not only good for household cooking, but also suitable for use in restaurants.” 

Fong highly recommended Popo Black Vinegar, “The taste has multiple layers and yet it is not so aggressive, consumers can even drink it without diluting it. ”

“If you want to add colour to the dish but don’t want it to become too dark, then you can use Popo Soy Sauce to enhance the taste and colour. Popo Oyster Sauce is very rich, just need to use a few drops to have the freshness of oyster in your dish, is a super value product,” Fong shared.

Founded in 1946, Hung Chun started as a cottage industry. With relentless efforts, Hung Chun constantly expands market shares by exporting to neighbourhood countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Brunei. Now, Hung Chun is one of the biggest sauce manufacturers in the country and the first local sauce manufacturer to adopt pasteurization process (Germany’s technology) in making sauces.

Quality is always Hung Chun’s main priority. The company ensures only quality, nutritious and hygienic products reach the market.  All raw materials are carefully selected to preserve the freshness of the end products. In addition, the company’s well-trained staff and the usage of advance machinery would further guarantee the products are not only safe to consume but also with the best of taste.

Lately, Hung Chun has released three new products, namely Popo Black Vinegar, Popo Garlic Chilli Sauce and Popo Oyster Sauce. With the traditional formula passed down from older generations, Popo Black Vinegar uses premium grade key ingredients such as “dang gui” and natural rice vinegar to bring out the best flavour and is good for confinement mums. 
Popo Garlic Chilli Sauce does not contain artificial colouring. With the improved recipe having an enhanced flavour and smell, the essence of the spicy garlic combination makes it a perfect dipping sauce for steamboats. Popo Oyster Sauce uses premium grade oyster extract as the main ingredient. It can be used for cooking and as table dips, turning ordinary dishes into a delicacy.
Popo Black Vinegar, Popo Garlic Chilli Sauce, Popo Oyster Sauce and other Hung Chun’s products such as Popo Soy Sauce can be found at various supermarkets, hypermarkets and Shopee

Hung Chun Popo Dinner Menu

鸿运彩碟 脆炸金钱袋、椒盐花枝、宫保鲍贝、木耳拌海蜇花
Hot & Cold Combination, Crispy Chicken and Prawns Money Bag, Squid with Chilli and Garlic Crisps
Stir-Fried Pacific Clam with Dried Chilies, (Hung Chun Popo product : Soya sauce, chilli sauce, vinegar, oyster sauce, dark soya sauce), Marinated Jelly Fish with Fungus and Aged Vinegar, (Hung Chun Popo product : Soya sauce, chilli sauce, vinegar).
宏图大展年 / 花胶海参炖鸡汤
Double Boiled Chicken Broth Served with South America fish maw, ‘Hong Kong’ ginseng, boneless chicken,  prickly sea cucumber and Chinese tea Mushroom.
金鸣报新春 / 四川五香烧鸡卷
Oven-baked Five Spice Chicken Roulade With Szechuan Cucumber, Green Vegetables, Shimeji Mushroom (Hung Chun Popo product : Vinegar, soya sauce).
有余添富贵 / 港式清蒸龙虎斑
‘Hong Kong’ Style Poached Grouper with Chicken Essences and ‘Hong Kong’ ginseng superior king sauce (Hung Chun Popo product : soya sauce, king soya sauce).
嘻哈大笑 / 松露蛋白九节虾
Slow Steamed Stuffed Jumbo Fresh King Prawn with pickle vegetables, ‘Bentong’ ginger and steam truffle paste egg white (Hung Chun Popo product : soya sauce).
好事一齐来 / 翠绿干蚝冬菇扒鹅掌
Braised Goose Web With dried oyster & mushroom with green vegetables (Hung Chun Popo product : oyster sauce, soya sauce).
黄金堆满屋 / 腊味炒饭
Slow Cook Claypot Wax Duck Meat Rice  with herbal soya king sauce topped with chicken floss and scallion (Hung Chun Popo product : oyster sauce, soya sauce, dark soya sauce).
扬名威四海 / 炖富士苹果芦荟羹
Doubled- boiled Fuji Apple Aloe Vera Broth with Glutinous Balls.


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