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Restoran Sisik Ikan Bakar or commonly known as Grill Fish, This Restaurant in Klang that is popular to the locals and travelers around the world. Done on a fiery grill with some amazing homemade sauces, whether spicy or sweet, will definitely tantalize your tastebuds, leaving you craving for more. Soft succulent meat, crispy skin and that absolutely mouthgasm.
For those of you who are unaware, the Sisik Ikan Bakar, originated combination from Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor and Melaka. Famous for their range of seafood such as crabs, prawns, clamps and of course, grilled fish as well. Choose from a variety of sauces.
It has two operating hours, from 8.00am - 4.30pm for traditional Malay cuisine and 5.00pm - 12.30pm for seafood-based menus such as various types of marinated grill fish,  Tempoyak(Durian) gravy with various types of fish.  Last but not least, there is a great selection of Asam Pedas by Traditional recipes that are one of the “hot sellers” at Sisin Baked Fish Restaurant.
Restoran Sisik Ikan Bakar, formerly known as Legacy of Tok Recipes that was established in 2013. Highlighting and adapting to traditional Malay cooking recipe is one of the reasons where the Sisik Ikan Bakar was established by its founders.
A good ikan bakar or grilled fish paired with a great sauce will make anybody’s day. It’s a simple dish where the freshness of the fish stands out, lightly accentuated by the spices from the marinade. Eat it with rice and a spicy sauce, for a great satisfied meal. The marinade used by the proprietor purportedly gives the fish here a crisper texture as compared to the other stalls, Freshness of the fish is paramount for this speciality deliciously cooked fresh fish should be firm.
Beside of Ikan Bakar, Restoran Sisik Ikan Bakar offer a wide variety of dishes and fishes such as catfish, stingray, cencaru (hardtail), kembung (mackerel) or jenahak (mangrove snapper) amongst others; supply tends to vary according to the types of catch that land in the market. Squid, kerang (cockles) and kupang (mussels) are some of the seafood commonly found on the menu. 
Fresh fish is cleaned and marinated with a spice paste, before cooking it on a hot grill. Use a hot grill plate to cook the fish. where the stingray is placed on a piece of banana leaf, drenched with the spice paste and slowly cooked over the hot grill.
Sea ​​bass “Singgang”, a local fish soup prepared with ginger, turmeric, chili, garlic and onion serves for Dinner. It is healthy, nutritious and absolutely delicious.
Delicious 'kangkung belacan' is a spicy stir-fry vegetable dish loved by many. Kangkung is the Malay term for water morning glory while belacan refers to a type of pungent shrimp paste. This stir-fried vegetable dish is very appetizing too.
Udang Segar Celup Tepung, You should have this fried shrimp recipe ready to be eaten in under 30 minutes. Great as an appetizer or a main dish.
Bamboo Snail stir frien cili padi
Nasi Lemak Buluh Perindu, the must-try menu in Sisik. Rice with the coconut milk stuffing with Pandan Leaf and wrapping in the Banana Leaf and steam in Bamboo will leave the extraordinary taste that very hard to describe even when you already taste it.
Sotong Bakar madu, freshly caught and fried in a crisp coating, melting soft inside, or straight off the grill, the edges burnt to a crunchy, smoky-sweet mouthful.
Pais Ikan Masak Tempoyak, The aroma of fresh fermented durian flavors balanced with the sweet, sweet, salty and tasty flavors when in the mouth.
Variety of Ulam at Restoran Sisik Ikan Bakar can be defined as part of the plant consisting of shoot, leaves, stems, umbut, seeds, fruits, tubers and flowers eaten raw, dyed, distilled or boiled before meals. Often to add flavor to eatable meals, it is reached with sambal belacan
Seafood “Singgang” With Mussel, Prawn Squid and Bamboo Snail

Love the food here. So tasty and delicious. Variety of food. A Seafood dining experience that shouldn't be missed. Keep up the great food and services. You might feel a bit unfamiliar with this grilled fish Restaurant but you won’t regret trying it! The grilled fish here is well seasoned, not too spicy or salty, definitely matches everyone’s appetite. The pricing is very affordable too. Come try it on your own to see whether it’s true!

Restoran Sisik Ikan Bakar
Address : NO 32 Jalan Kasuarina 1/ks7, Bandar Botanic, 
41200, Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan. 
(In front of GM Klang Wholesales City)
Hours : Open Daily
Malay Authentic Cousine  8.00am - 4.30pm  
Seafood Heaven, Nasi Lemak Buluh Perindu & Steamboat 5.00pm - 12.30am
Contact :+60192263004​ & +60162240474


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