Under One Roof With Holim, Ali Tomyam and Daddy J Chicken at Tesco Mutiara Damansara | Malaysia

Glad to have three brand under one Roof when it is at one stop, Proudly new Malaysian brand in the market that will spread accross malaysia in the year of 2019. This brands will meet you soon at nearest Tesco, Aeon and many more. Enjoying the traditional Tomyam noodles, Special crunchy variety topping Fried Chicken and Milk Tea Beverage like others.
Their First Milk Tea outlet (HOLIM) opened on January 2019 two month back in AEON Big, Mid Valley. And Today they opened second outlet in Tesco Extra Mutiara Damansara, Bringing together Three brands (Ali Tomyam,HOLIM and Daddy J Chicken) under one roof for malaysian. They Don't stop only here, Soon opening in Penang and Johor. No Worries for others state, They will be nearby Hypermarket near you soon.
This how they looks like in Tesco Extra Mutiara Damansara, Food and Beverage with cozy enviroment around.
Our Malaysian Local fast food chain brand Daddy J Chicken, Deep Fried Chicken gave the Crispy Skin and Soft Tender. As we know, There is a few giant brands out there served Fried Chicken for decades but Some of the outlet are Delicious and others taste Normal. These Giant brands inventing to new flavour all the time for their patron (include me) and most of the time Advertising shows how tempting the fried Chicken are but when we go for a try, It become so disappointing.

I didn't mean Daddy J chicken is the best fried Chicken In Malaysia but They have here is the Five Awesome topping sauce First in Malaysia, Mayo Spicy Butter, Garlic Honey Sweet, BBQ, Special Rendang and Signaure Sambal Sauce. It's your call to choose the favourite sauce of your own, Single or Mix sauce up to you just ask them to squeeze. Surprisingly, The sauce was awesome!!
Ali Tomyam kampung Express, The untold(secret) kampung recipe brings far away to town. Tomyam Laksa ?? - Tomyam is Tomyam, Laksa is Laksa. A traditional Malay Recipe twist, come here to try it. It's hard to describe but Delicious and serve Oden too.
They Name it HOLIM and served fresh and flavour Drinks with a commitment to operational standards, The Brand name HOLIM means "delicious Drink" In Hokkien(one of the Chinese dialect). Creating the ultimate exprience in freshly brewed tea, coffee and chocolate drinks. This Drive pushes us to innovate in every aspect of how they deliver the product and service, The brand will expand into every AEON in Klang valley soon. The brand has a variety of drinks under categories such as Singnature milk tea, HoLIM Fresh Milk, Original fresh tea, fruit tea, Singnature Macchiato, Singnature Coffee with stores carrying more than 30 flavours and inventing more in the future. sugar level can be choose depends "lu suka" and adding Topping with only RM1.00 Pearl | Grass Jelly | Aloe Vera | Pink Pear | Coconut Jelly | Oreo Cookie.


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