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As we know authentic Hakka cuisine is not many around Klang valley or Kuala Lumpur district these days but today Eddy Rush Fatboy Found an authentic Hakka dishes in the Hustle and bustle area of Cheras, For me it's considered Hidden Gem of Foods paradise. This Hidden Gem located at No. 49, Jalan Taman Segar Batu Sembilan(9 Mile) walking distance from Taman Mutiara MRT Station and Cheras Leisure Mall. Well known Hakka Dishes among Cheras neighbourhood and They have a lot of regular patron dining here, about parking in this area are really hard to be found but I have worries Since Leisure mall just accross the road and quite a lot of parking space in there. the best part is, Parking fees are damm cheap.

Why I'm so into authentic Hakka Dishes? 
I grow up with Hakka dialect family which is My Mum are Hakka people(客家人), Where I learn the language when my mum speaks with all my cousins. So I will catch up a bit by a bit and now 50% fluent 100% Understand what they are talking in the conversation. Since I was a kid until teenager age, mum or cousin will cook hakka Dishes everyday at home for lunch and dinner. When comes to Adult, I have to leave my hometown started to work and live in the Hustle and bustle city Of Kuala Lumpur. During the years fighting and earning for living, most of the time I will recall all the hakka dishes and mising my families at hometown. 
Opps... I talk to much of the past, Lets get back to this Hidden Gem Hakka Cuisine that melt my heart with memories. As hakka ngin(客家人,Hakka People), we know how solid authentic hometown taste are and denied those non authentic taste. The owner of Hakka CUisine Hometown is originally hakka ngin and she is the chef behind the wall with a small window that you can see, She cooks all the fresh dishes upon patron orders and She is expert chef into Hakka dishes and full F&B experience on what her patron needs. Simple and cosy atmosphere in the restaurant makes diners to enjoy their meals peacefully. In this article, I will recommend their signature  ala Carte dishes and Lunch sets.
胡椒豬肚湯 Pig Stomach With White Peppers Soup - RM 35
男女滋补湯 (home town pot soup), This nourishing soup are suitable for men and women. This is a dynamic herbal soups work as natural remedies for common ailments. A hefty amount of roasted whole white peppers are used to create this classic peppery and savory soup! White pepper is consider to have warming effect in Chines medicine so this soup is really good for the cold weather and the stomach. pig stomach is nothing like other more “flavored” organs such as liver and intestines. The stomach is a muscular ball-shaped organ with rather mild flavor.
In the fusion way, This pepper soup can be eat along with side orders like pork slice, Enokitake mushroom and many much more. The longer the better when the broth cooks with other ingredients.
大浦鹵猪手 (sour & spicy meat) - RM 21
Memories of my grandmother enormous kitchen to dip into the pot of pig's feet with sweetened vinegar and ginger that she often had on the stove. The meat, skin and tendon that had fallen off the bone. these were the best parts, because they were so tender. Since then, I've loved pig's feet in almost all preparations, whether in simple, homey braised dishes like these or fancier ones where the bones are removed and the ingredients are pressed into a jelly-like terrine.
传统客家炸肉 (Hakka special meat) - RM 19
Hakka Braised Pork Belly with Black Fungus, The Char Yoke is a popular Malaysian dish that invokes fond childhood memories for many – after all, it is a must serve dish during festivities in Hakka homes. Marinated overnight in fermented red bean curd, this recipe calls for the pork belly to be deep fried, locking in all the intense, rich flavours. Braising helps cook the pork belly to juicy, tender perfection, giving the dish that irresistible melt in your mouth texture!
照牌蒸金鳯鱼 (tau chu sauce steam fish) - RM 32
Steamed Fish in Sweet and Savory Tauchu Sauce, a delicious and healthy dish where the nutrients are retained. The addition of fermented bean paste contributes to the strong yet pleasant flavour of this dish.
家乡蕹菜 (home town kangkong) - RM 15
Kangkung is a twist on a popular Malaysian stir fry made simpler and quicker, Just as delicious with a bowl of rice. It is a well loved perennial Malaysian stir fry that is absolutely delicious.

Best lunch sets At Hakka Cuisine Hometown Restaurant
白咖哩面 (white curry noodle) - RM 9.90
The aromatic from the chilli paste is from the addition of chili paste and it comes with tofu puffs, meatball and slice meat.
客家猪肉粉(Pork noodle soup) - RM 8.90
The broth is the most important of the noodle soup, This wholesome noodle soup is low fat, healthy and packed full of tasty ingredients. Fresh meat plays the important part while eat together with the noodle too.
鸡腿面(Drumstick Noodle) 客家面  RM 12.90
Using original Hakka noodle dress with dry black sauce with Whole braised Drumstick, Juicy tender of the Chicken was awesome. Especially the noodle Texturally, they vary from mouthfillingly chewy, to silky-smooth-slippery… and everything in between.

By rating this Hakka Cuisine restaurant, I giving them 9/10. Highly rated for the dishes they served, As you know Eddy Rush Fatboy is a tastebud godness. Come and have a try when you looking for awesome authentic Hakka, Really worth for the price.

Hakka Cuisine (Hometown) 客家名廚, Cheras | Malaysia
Address : No.49, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar, 
56100 Cheras 9 Miles, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
Hours : Thu - Tue, 1AM - 9PM. Close on Wednesday


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