Ishin Japanese Dining, Jalan Klang Lama

Have you been to A Japanese Fine Dining cuisine?
This Japanese Dining might Burn your pocket But what They served Consistency and quality are their priority, You will found out the dishes are really worth the price you pay. Like What in Chinese says (一分钱一分货)
The freshness will makes you unbelievable, Today Eddy Rush Fatboy had this opportunity by visiting Ishin Japanese Dining That located along the Jalan Klang Lama. I know Jalan Klang Lama Is a no ending road, Don't worry I will give you the exact Address and Google map after you read finish the whole article till bottom.
I been told that this Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant has been Operating more than fifteen years, exactly at this Spot for so many years and the one only one outlet without any branch outlet out there. This because The owner and the chef wanted to keep maintain the Quality of the foods and Quantity reserved. Since Ishin Japanese Dining stays here for more that a decade, Their regular Patrons are numerous even new patrons start to know the place.
The place are easily spot but if you are not familiar along the Jalan Kang Lama , I will advise you to use Waze or Google map because I'm afraid you drive pass the place and need to do a far further traffic light to U-Turn. At Ishin Japanese Dining parking in their premise or park along the road side is free but Don't park your car at next door of Ishin Japanese Dining that not belong to Ishin Japanese Dining because it is a private parking area and there is a charges of RM5 for two hours.
Once you Step in this Bungalow Build up restaurant, You will feel that yourself like Orang Atas(High Class) and you will spot a large round sushi/sashimi bar at the left corner where the chef served fresh ingredients infront of you. There also have cushion chairs and tables area to dine same as Upstairs with Private room and tatami dining, This place definitely will makes your Japanese dining experience memorable.
The Chef served us his signature seasonably dishes, What does seasonably dishes mean ? - The dishes that i'm gonna show below is fresh ingredients that hand picked by chef
Amera Tomato is an exquisite tomato groomed with love and passion of farmers, with the petite well-loved favourite. Maturing under the warm sunshine creates a delicious concentrated saccharine ball filled plentifully with moisture and juice. This tomatoes are reputable to be rich in flavour, full bodied and sweeter than the usual tomatoes. They also contain higher level of nutrition such as potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and beta-carotene. (seasonal)
Steamed Japanese Sweet Corn, Fresh hot corn with just clear boiling is so satisfying.  The corn is respected, nothing to be added on it and letting the natural flavour shine. (seasonal)
Chef Special Premium Sashimi, this sashimi degustation connects the diner with the chef. bonded by a mutual respect for the ingredients served and the underlying rituals and traditions involved, It’s not just a regular meal it’s an art form. Over the pristine ingredients and chef’s creativity unfurl in a parade of plates designed to awaken and heighten your senses.
Fresh air flown seafood which is sliced into bite-sized bits, Eaten raw with soy sauce and wasabi. sashimi is always made out of the freshest of seafood of Japan, surrounded by iced to keep fresh. This is the reason why sashimi came to be in the first place.
Udon Sukinabe, Centers on udon noodles which are fresh, toothsome and handmade. The noodles are the highlight, but then there's also have Unagi, Oyster, tiger shrimp, salmon, tofu, shiitakeand mushroom. fresh ingredients in all. Like I said, what a hot pot. Fight the cold days with this steamy Sukinabe Udon served in an umami dashi soup with steel pot, this hot noodle soup would be your favorite kind of comfort food during cold heavy rain.
Shake Atama Teriyaki, Grilled Salmon Head with Teriyaki Sauce. Is perhaps one of the better grilled salmon heads that we have had at here. Not overly salty with a crispy skin and perfectly moist flesh.
Hotate Cheese Yaki, Cheese Grilled Half Shell Scallop.  It’s actually baked/grilled scallops with cheese and mushrooms sauteed in butter, And I liked it so much!!!
Sakura ebi Kara age, “Sakura Ebi” or Sakura shrimp is a vey small type of shrimp that really famous at Shizuoka. The translucent pink shrimp derives its name from sakura, this species grows to about 4–5 cm and lives primarily in Suruga Bay in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.
Pure Durian D24 puree Ice Cream, Ichiban!!!
ISHIN Japanese Dining
Address : No. 202, Persiaran Kelang Off 3 3/4, Jalan Kelang Lama, 58000 KL.
Hours: 12pm- 3pm, 6pm-1am 
(kitchen closes at 10pm)
Contact : 03-7980 8228


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