Pizza Hut Chinese New Year CHEES-SANG 2018 , Malaysia

Pizza Hut Serves up happiness this Chinese New Year with the All- New CHEESE-SANG Cheesy Bites
Sharing happiness this festive season and encouraging Malaysians to spread the joy with others .
Petaling Jaya , 12 Febuary 2018 - Pizza Hut Malaysia , Malaysia's No.1 pizza chain launches its first ever Cheese-Sang Cheesy Bites , as a way of bringing happiness to the table this Chinese New Year season . With this launch . Pizza Hut invites Malaysians to spread a little happiness to their loved ones and share in each other's joy . This limited edition pizza will be available nationwide in January and Febuary 2018 and through dine in , delivery and take away .
The Cheese-Sang Cheesy Bites comes complete with eighteen generous bites full of cozing cheddar and mozzarella cheese and topped with crispy fried tempura king prawns , pineapple on a bed of creamy salted egg sauce .
The Chinese New Year , Pizza Hut is encouraging Malaysians to pause and take time to do something that makes them or others happy wherever that may be . Malaysians live in a multicultural society where everyone regardless of race or religion can enjoy some happy times together .
Merrill Pereyra , Chief Executive officer of QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd said , " As the leading Pizza chain in Malaysia , we pride ourselves in being the brand that connects people to enjoy the happy times as they share a great pizza together , This Chinese New Year shouldn't be any different . 

With the festive season upon us , you'll notice many people taking part in the 'Yee Sang' tradition , otherwise known as the Prosperity Toss to usher in the New Year . It's in this season where family and friends come together to toss a dish while sharing in each other's joy . Our Cheese-Sang Cheesy Bites is inspired by that and part of our decision to marry the 'Yee Sang' concept with pizza . It's our own way of bringing cheer to our customers . We know that happiness is contagious . It spreads to people and amplifies regardless of race or religion and that's how we believe we can impact society , Through the Cheese-Sang Cheesy Bites , " he added .
Whether it's being purchased ala carte at RM 38.00 for a regular size or as a combo , the Cheese-Sang Cheesy Bites is the perfect meal for Malaysians to get in the festive spirit and celebrate the New Year with a fun and unique twist to the 'Yee Sang' tradition .
Pizza Hut generously offers three combos . Golden Porsperity Meal . Double Happiness Meal and Double Fortune Meal that are priced reasonably at RM78.80 , RM45.80 and RM42.80 , respectively , The Golden Prosperity Meal for four to five people includes a regular sized Cheese-Sang Cheesy Bites pizza , a plate of salted egg prawns , an appetiser , four drinks and four ice cream . The Double Happiness Meal for two to three people includes a choice of either a regular sized Cheese-Sang Cheesy Bites pizza , a pan/hand stretched Supreme pizza pf Favourite pizza , one appetiser and two drinks while the Double Fortune Meal for two cream of mushroom soups , one appetiser and two drinks 

*Prices for the Cheese-Sang Cheesy Bites pizza and its combos may vary depending on location .


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