E.G.G , Bandar Sunway

E.G.G means Eight Gourmets Gala at Bandar Sunway , E.G.G that brings together eight Different taste or stlye in one place . Eight Gourmets Gala is your everyday gastronomic indulgence . A concept derived from a group of friends who share a fierce passion for food and belief in bringing family and friends closer together through good meals enjoyed together . An egg has many characteristics and is also the key ingredient in many cuisines . EGG is a unique open concept dining experience consisting of eight delicious eateries and bars under one roof :
Lately E.G.G has launch the all new menu for Chinese Wedding Banquet Buffet that can Fit up to 35 - 55 table for around 350 - 550 Pax around the compound included second floor . Hosting a traditional banquet with a 9 course meal , The wedding banquet food are vary . serving their best dishes that made from the best ingredients they can offer during the wedding banquet . Planning for a wedding is tough work. It can be difficult looking for the perfect venue to host a mega banquet for all your guests , especially if your list of attendees include all your extended family and friends , as is typical for Chinese weddings . There’re a million things that can go wrong and the last thing you want is the additional stress . Hence , I have done some home work for you . While most people flock towards hotels to hold their wedding dinners , Chances are you’ll have to find a place that caters for well over a hundred guests , and there might not be a lot of decent restaurants out there willing to cater to such a crowd. You’ll want to leave your banquet planning to the experts . there are other locations that are just as good as E.G.G .
Three Price tag to be choose from RM988 , RM1288 and RM1688 . Different is the dishes according to the price in the Package .
And They have the service Form A to Z like example Live band arrangement or Free that free this , Call them up for much more information 017-948 8684 or Visit Their Official FB Page at : https://www.facebook.com/8gourmetsgala/ .
Lobster Bisque w/ Crabmeat & Fins
 Golden Egg Four Seasons Combinations
Stir Scallop , Fried Dumpling , Mantao and Golden Egg .
Deep Fried Sea Grouper with Ginger & Black Fungus
Signature Steamed Live Tiger Prawns w/ Aged Chinese Liquor
Roasted Crispy Whole Chicken 
Golden Scallops Fried Rice 
Braised Fish Maw, Mushrooms, Bean Curd Skin & Broccoli
Chilled Sea Coconut & Longan
Peanut Mochi

E.G.G Eight Gourmets Gala
Address : Ground Floor, The Pinnacle Annexe, 
Persiaran Lagoon , Bandar Sunway, Selangor .
Hours :  Daily 11.30AM - 1AM
Contact : 017-948 8684


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