SALTed , Mutiara Damansara

SALTed Is a Sarawak Cuisine Hiddem Gem that located at Mutiara Damansara , a Location that surrounded by housing area . Where The curve and Ikea are nearby , if you Familiar with that area then You will know where is Mutiara Damansara . Drive around the shop lot area and you easily gonna found it . With a simple Interior beside of fancy because what they are selling is delicious foods and not about the decoration , Simple dining space with Painted wall . At the moment the shop is without air conditioning but very soon the owner will install few unit of air conditioning and glass door for patrons to enjoy their meal in a more comfortable atmosphere . The simple Menu makes my day so simple without struggling what to choose and the name of the shop was so Superb after explain by the owner , SALTed - "Sarawak's Authentic Local Taste, Extra Delicious.impressive"
If not mistaken , So far this is my first ever pork free dishes on the menu since the owner was originally from Sarawak muslim . SALTed has it's own taste of the perfection comparing with lards dishes from the Chinese Sarawak Laksa or Kolo Mee . Even SALTed Kolo Mee Does it right with Chicken Mushroom and the fragrance from the fried shallots & oil . You might find out the price slightly a bit high because all the ingredient and noodle are imported air flown originally from Sarawak Itself , Fresh Prawn was choosen directly from Kuala Selangor local fisherman .
Regarding for the Sarawak Laksa , It was a taste that I have lost it for years . At least have five years back , A friend of mine that from Kuching , Her father homecook a bowl of awesome sarawak Laksa . It was the most delicious Sarawak laksa that I had , Totally no one can get rid of it . Any shop or stall out there can't even beat it but Today SALTed may bring those memories back . At SALTed , Their Sarawak Laksa almost have the same taste what I had Before .
Kolok Mee " Chicken "
Kolok Mee " Beef " 
Original Sarawak Laksa
Belacan BeeHon With Century Egg
Mee Jawa " Chicken "
Until now , I can't accept the Belacan Beehon that I ate at Kuching and also at SALTed . This about my own taste bud la . You might love it , Come and try to believe it . Your friendly neighbourhood SALTed and thanks to KIPLE for the recommendations . ---- The only Sarawak's Authentic Opened everyday from time to time , so you won't confuse with time or sold out . SALTed serving authentic Sarawak Laksa , Mee Kolok , Mee Jawa and Belacan Beehoon .

Address : 30-1 , Jln PJU7/16A , 
Mutiara Damansara , Petaling Jaya , Malaysia .
Hours : Daily 10AM - 5PM
Contact : 03-7733 4566


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