CHIZU Drink , Sunway Pyramid

Sunway Pyramid - 21 March 2017 , The Cheese drinks Chizu Grand opening at 15 March With buy 1 free 1 Promotion for the opening and Limited for three Hours per day only . The offers will start From 15-19 march , from 12.30pm til 3.30pm .  

Chizu is a phrase derived from the Japanese meaning cheese . Their coffee and tea are specially handcrafted with cheese creating Japanese cheese drink , enabling a fashionable taste of lifestyle . Bringing you a brand new drink, to create an enjoyable and unique lifestyle .

Cheese is normally found in cakes and pizza , We all love it in our food . So the idea to create drinks with cheese was manifested where their matched different coffee and tea roast to create an unique taste . Therefore , Chizu was formed . "Chizu" is made fresh daily using an all natural Japanese cheese combined with various coffee or tea to create an original Japanese cheese drink .

The signature drink is Matcha Red Bean Cheese , Roasted Oolong Tea , Blackcurrant Cheese , Season Tea Cheese and Coffee Latte Cheese .

Chizu combines Japanese cheese foam with various fragrant of the Jasmine tea and matcha .

The all New drink from Japanese first cheese tea Chizu Drink Malaysia , With two new taste let us to try out new in menu list for the month of June . The strawberry smoothies cheese drinks and lime smoothies cheese drink are limited , available From June 03 2017 till 03 July 2016 . Both of this limited Drink are sold ten cups in one hour and one hundred cups in a day .

Both of the drink is freshly made by Fresh Fruit too . 
Strawberry Smoothie Cheese drink : Fresh strawberries and green tea blend together with smooth cheese foam on top , The Combination three kinds of taste .

Lime smoothies cheese drink : Lime and Citrus blend together with smooth cheese foam on top , It taste Sour comes along abit bitter .

CHIZU Drink , Sunway Pyramid
Address : LG1.08A ,Sunway Pyramid Mall,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Hours : Daily 10AM - 10PM


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