Pure Caffe Tea at I Love Coffee & Tea Expo

The Young and Passionate Founder of Pure Caffe Tea is the mastermind of everything from coffee bean and Tea to the awesome imported coffee machine brings people to be a barista to enjoy the most premium coffee that can be done by own . http://www.purecaffetea.com/

Pure Caffe tea was happening at " I Love Coffee & Tea " Expo at Mid Valley Exhibition Center hall 1 from 10am to 9pm on 28th - 30th October 2016 . The biggest Coffee and Tea Expo ever .

You will saw the big booth of Pure caffe tea that located at The main entrance . after register yourself at the Registration Counter , walk to Pure Caffe tea Booth and redeem yourself a cup of Free Premium coffee , all the pretty staff are ready to serve you their premium coffee that freshly brew from the fully imported Italy premium coffee machine .

During the three day Expo Pure Caffe Tea giving way 9000 cups of premium Italy coffee . I get myself one and the coffee taste definitely great with the best aroma . Don't be shy to claim yours , Just move on and ask them hows the premium Coffee machine works .

Do you believe that You can Own this Fully Imported Italy Premium Coffee Machine with RM0.00 Selling Price , RM0.00 Rental and RM0.00 Maintenance Cost (The girl is not for sale..LOL). I know that you will say Impossible but It was really Possible , Keep on reading to witness .

For more detail about the Possible of RM0.00 Selling Price , RM0.00 Rental and RM0.00 Maintenance Cost for the Fully Imported Italy Premium Coffee Machine Package can go throught Here : Machine And Coffee & Tea Package

Coffee beans for office and home with Affordable Luxury of premium coffee . Earn One or Get to Rent One with the lowest Deposit , Three years contract program with free full maintenance service and Monthly Minimum package of Bean to cup and Capsule to cup supplies . Choose your machine and Keep in Touch by E-mail to choo@purecaffetea.com or call this number +60392843228 or +0196658650 . Call or E-mail to get most updated recent package that been Offered . 

Last but not least , Sign Up and you could stand a chance to WIN a 10 days 7 nights trip to Italy for TWO Persons that sponsor by Pure Caffe Tea . Keep track of Pure Caffe Tea by visiting their official website : Pure Caffe Tea FB


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