Rumah Makan Taliwang 1, Lombok

The island of Lombok , At West Nusa Tenggara province , it seems Taliwang is  original culinary in Lombok . When it comes to food, certainly not immune from talking about the taste of the Taliwang chicken that maskes mouth watering .

To satisfy the desire for a culinary while mouth watering , After safely touch down at the Lombok International airport from KLIA2 on the afternoon . our guide driver straight away drove us To mataram town to have our Taliwang chicken .

Most of the local or tourist will visit any one of the Selling taliwang restaurant because Taliwang chicken was famous in Lombok , It was common aroung here . Actually in Mataram - Lombok , there are a lot of restaurant that makes Taliwang Chicken cuisine Flavors that Typical Lombok as a menu here .

As rumor Sounds in social media This is one of the best place in terms of taste , presentation and also the place is clean and decent . While entring the restaurant , the atmosphere and decoration of the shop was very unique . Taliwang chicken meal was the most delicious when accompanied together with kale , this kale which it seems so big different from the kale in Makassar .

Fish Curry
Telur Guling
Ayam Goreng Taliwang
Plecing Kangkung
Ayam Bakar Madu Taliwang 
ES Kelapa Muda Gula Merah & ES Jeruk Madu
Rumah Makan Taliwang Pertama
Jl. Ade Irma Suryani No. 20, Karang Taliwang, 
Cakranegara, Kec. Mataram, 
Nusa Tenggara Bar. 83239, Indonesia
Contact : +62 878-6525-0117
Hours : Daily 6AM - 10PM



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