Mykōri Dessert Cafe , Bandar Puchong Jaya

Mykōri Dessert Cafe Is located at Puchong in Bandar Puchong Jaya , Mykōri Dessert Cafe is a new dessert brand in food industrial that started their business on 16th September this year . The cafe place at second floor and easy to be spot with the cute unicorn signboard .

The restaurant is cozy with a friendly environment and clean environment where people can enjoy the best deserts . The concept of decoration create a big space with simple cute outlook . Mykōri Dessert Cafe is still fresh new in the desert cafe in klang valley and I got to the chance to be there and try out all their Deserts .

The main desert of the shop is this Cheesy fish pattern of Croissant , Taiyakie comes with three type of selection , Triple Cheese Croissant , Ham and Cheese Croissant . The Cheese lover surely will love this deserts , The cheese have a great fragrant smell when tear to two piece  and can be pull till so long .

Red Bean Taiyakie
Matcha red bean ice cream Taiyakie
Vanilla chips ice cream Taiyakie
Shibuya Toast - Strawberry Chocolate
Shibuya Toast - Matcha Adzuki
Shibuya Toast desert serve with toast bread cut into nine cube size pattern and add on a scoop of Ice cream , Shibuya Toast comes with two selection of flavour too .

Melon Kakigori

Melon Kakigori Is made From Rock Melon that totally different to others melon , Its Taste more crisp and sweet with others , the price kinda expensive for thid high-ranking melon .

Uji Matcha Kakigor

Uji Matcha Kakigor , The Uji Matcha was imported from japan that Taste more better and concentrated . Include with red beans and Dango(汤圆) , Matcha lover must not miss this shaved ice .

Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori

Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori Pour with Thick milk and Shaved iced , Under the shaved ice content with cheese cake and Biscuit pieces .

MyKori Dessert Cafe
Address : No.6-2 ,Jalan Kenari 18A ,
Bandar Puchong Jaya ,
47100 Puchong ,Selangor .
Business hours
Tue - Thu : 2pm-11pm 
Fri & Sat : 1pm-12am
Sunday & Public Holiday : 1pm-11pm
Closed on every Monday
Contact : 016-908 1990


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