Kedai Kopi Kong Heng, Ipoh

when I'm was back to Ipoh , I will drive to those few popular places for the awesome Ipoh food and one of it is the Kedai Kopi Kong Heng at the old street town of Ipoh in Bandar Timah . Alot Of them come from accross state to Ipoh for their famous hor fun , chee cheong fun , white coffee and sells all the great foods in under one roof . it is located next to one of the famous Restoran Thean Chun , all this shop has been around since the 60s and still serves great local food till today . Kong Heng is so famous among of the locals and tourists . Getting a table here is not easy and pack when Each time we visit .

Chee Cheong Fun - Curry Chee Cheong Fun with pickles and sweet sauce . the local Ipoh style of Chee Cheong Fun , slightly different from the central region .

Sotong Kangkung - The perfect combination of gravy , fresh kangkung and fine soft sotong makes me crawling for the second plate .
Caramel egg custard dessert "Brûlée" - This soft yellow custard with caramel is just an amazing dessert .
Dry Curry Chicken Noodle - Well cooked curry chicken with soft texture , the curry gravy was awesome .
Popiah - crunchy fried small prawns and some vegetable fillings . The skin wasn't all soggy, it was fresh, thin and spread with sweet red chili sauce . wrapped with generous filling of the turnips And with the other version of fried popiah for the same price .
Chicken Slice Wan Tan mee - The wan tan mee here is normal only . 

75, Jalan Bandar Timah,
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Mon - Sun 6:30AM–5PM


  1. Kong Heng restaurant is my favourite visit every time I am at Ipoh. This changed one day when my family arrived at the restaurant late at 3pm and many of the stalls were closing. The chicken rice stall owner welcome us and we ordered from him. Bad experience started when the chicken rice stall owner deliver the food and my wife questioning the price inconsistency. The chicken rice stall owner clarify the price and become agitated, started raising his voice and claimed that we unfairly accused him charging excessive. I have to calm him down! He keep on raising his voice on us for a minute. I did not choose to quarrel with him as I do not want to show bad example to my daughter. His chicken rice is okay but the very poor service and attitude toward customer make us stop visiting to Kong Heng again. Other stalls in the restaurant services are good by Malaysia standard. The chicken rice stall leaves a very bad name to Kong Heng restaurant Ipoh. I do not think I am the first customer to get bad experience from him. I advise future customer not to question or argue with him in order to have peaceful meal.


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