Ossoto Spa , Kuala Lumpur

Main Entrance
Locker For the Male

On a Lovely Thursday,I and my colleague visit Ossoto spa... 
wHY WE choose thusday?? --just because of taking advantage of the Crowd in ossoto spa....as normal if going on saturday or sunday it's gonna be crowded of people and all the equipment need to wait...so, will be "SIEN" 

Few day Before I come here,I read some blogs and it's says " no photography in this premise" and  bring my DSLR TO TRY MY LUCK TO GET THE BEST photo that wanna share to my blog reader but FAILED...keep the phone vibrate and flash off...

All the photo that i took in this blog was "curi curi" ...hehe 

Ala Carte Menu For Lunch
We reach here sharp at 12 p.m From P.J

To reach here,definitely need direction from GPS COZ it's was somewhere in those tall building...
if familiar to DEWAN BAHASA THEN it is just opposite of it with red maroon painted building ,just drive slow to spot it...

i didnt direct myself there by GPS..i use my kARMA SENse to there...hehe

when reach there,drove my car to the lobby to find ossoto spa Jockey parking,it just RM10 parking for the whole day and then get a lift go to 5th floor for check in...

A warm welcome from them at the reception , polite and helpfull staff all around and wont have any mistake or wrong way to go...they was everywhere to lend a hand to help...

We were on the correct timing while they was serving Lunch at 12P.M...
The staff will hand the food menu , All was ALA CARTE selection...
harrrr...don't worry , all the foods and drink was include,so,just order as much as you can eat and drink,eat how many sets you can...hahahaha

Grill Chicken 
Fried Wan Ton
Spagetti Cabonara
Toast Sanwich

This wat they called " blue lover " , This was damm terrible sour , I just drink quarter of it...

About the environment was the best too...Clean & Quiet 

Some of the Food was fast been serve...some was slow..

Alot ice Cream Selection too
Mango & Melon Pudding
Soup Selection Area: 3 type of porridge,mushroom soup,2 type of chinese herb soup
Fresh & sweet watermelon
We took 1 and half hour to finish our lunch and eat as much as we can....
After that we straight away heading to male Men area to enjoy the relaxing...

Basically they Will provide ---Clothes, slipper & tower

  • Male District
  • Dressing Room,bathroom & Changing Room
  • Three type of Hot Jaccuzi pools
  • Water Presure Massage for body back
  • SAUNA Room & Steam Room
  • Basketball machine
  • Treadmill & Fat Shaker Machine
  • GYM section
  • Free new Toothbrush & new shaver
  • Prepared Toothpaste,shaver foam,facial foam,ear plug,hair Gel,Hair Foam,Hair Shampoo,Hair conditioner,Body Shampoo,Hairdryer,Contact Lens Solution,Body Powder,hand lotion & hair spray
  • FeMale District
  • Dressing Room,bathroom & Changing Room
  • Fish spa
  • Jacuzzi
  • SAUNA Room & Steam Room
  • Prepared Toothpaste,facial foam,ear plug,Hair Shampoo,Hair conditioner,Body Shampoo,Hairdryer,Body scrub,Makeup remover,Contact Lens Solution,Body Powder,hand lotion & hair spray

    After HavING FUN with all those activities,our stomach feel little bit hungry then...so,we get back to de restaurant  and had our meal again...that why people says us CRAZY!!....HAHAHA
    Continue our activities....time for movie in mini cinema


    There was few movie showing due seperated time and stop half hour between another movie started mena like: 2.30pm ,  4.30pm , 6.30pm , 8.30pm and 10.30pm...and movie that showing was kinda old movie like conjuring and thor...i get a leg massage too during the movie for rm38 half hour kinda relaxing by the way...

    We Finish our first movie,while waitting for the upcoming movie,we get a hot chocolate and mocha latte and we eat again....haha
    they have snack like hot dog,sandwich,nugget and fried stuff...and have some chess game to play....so,next movie we watching is"i'm number 4"

    After the movie we eat again and it was dinner time and they serve buffetI know that this photo look not really delicious because phone camera capture this but the food was nice anyway...buffet side have 10 selection to choose additional nasi lemak, ice cream and bread for toast ETC.

    WE PLAYED PING PONG too...just forget to take some photo of it,and we visit the section of male single bed sleeping area too...

    We had a enjoying and relaxing day at the Ossoto spa for almost 14 hours. 

    They offers full body or parts massages, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine therapy, facial, hair care services, manicure, pedicure, and private spa with extra charges. 

    Price: RM 78 (Women), RM 98 (men)
    From the famous Blogger

    Location: 5th Floor, 
    Wisma Mirama, Jalan Wisma Putra,
     50460 Kuala Lumpur, 
    Wilayah persekutuan, Malaysia.
    GRP Coordinates: 3°8’7”N 101°42’10”E
    Google Map: http://goo.gl/maps/VuBPG
    **They are provided free shuttle pick up and send off within Golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur. (2 hours reservation in advance is required for pick up)
    Tel: +603-2145 1122
    Website: www.ossoto.com


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