Le Cottage Steamboat , Tropicana

Le Cottage Steamboat 御龍閣私房火锅 was Soft launch on 14th Aug , open for business on 15th aug and Grand opening on 28th-31st Aug .

The path was located at tropicana , it was easy to locate if any of you knows where is Tropicana Ebi Freshwater Prawns Fishing and Atarikoi tropicana Sdn Bhd .

Imagine having dinner by the fish pond and surrounded by green scenery , look alike Away from the hustling of city life , what if I tell you that this restaurant is not too far in Petaling Jaya and just around Damansara .

The attractive 3D Wall paint at Le Cottage Steamboat , how about Elvis sing a song for you , even Mona Lisa dining with you , Looking at marilyn monroe skirt blown up or bait a shark for the steamboat .

The River Monters Arapaima Gigas Fish , they have six of them in the large pond , great experience to look near to it .

 Make your reservation - 01113303751
On the thursday night , I brought My friends for the first time visit since it was viral on Social network , I didn't do any reservation and luckily they have table for eleven of us .

Le Cottage Steamboat is offering their steamboat ingredient by ala carte , all the ingredient come with size of small and big . No sets been served that makes the bill pricey .

Le Cottage Steamboat signature Bambo Fish paste , RM12 Each
Le Cottage Steamboat signature four kind fish balls RM56(BIG)

We didn't order any seafood , we get few type of fishball and fish paste , few kind of mushroom , two kind of vegetable , japanese beancurd , fried snack and others . The portion was small with pricey price tag , soup base is charge from RM20 - RM50 depend which soup base you choose .

The signature ingredient and soup taste normal like out there , I prefer 老妈子火锅 that I had last two week . I thought of snap lot more picture after my meal since the environment was beautiful , mostly at the lake side , we was unlucky because electric was cut off during almost finish our meal .

The electric hot pot was not functioning while we still have foods inside the pot , Floor supervisor directly give us 20% discount due the inconvenience caused , I just wondering why they don't stanby a electric generator in case something like this happens .

Foods is normal - Price tag is pricey - environment is comfy 

Le Cottage Steamboat
Jalan Tropicana Selatan, Tropicana, 
43700 Petaling Jaya, SELANGOR
5:00pm~1:00am monday~sunday
Tel : 01113303751


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