Master Food , Siem Reap

Grill Pork rice was common in siem reap , You can spot This dish at food vendors around siem reap , this dish come with steam rice and grill pork on top and thai chillie sauce cillie with a bowl of soup . The rice was kinda stiff because this how cambodian serve their white rice and just looks like overnight rice .

the Restaurant environment look like our "mamak" in malaysia with steel tables and chairs .

The side sauce was similar with thailand with blended chili , chilie flake , green soak chili , soy sauce , fish oil sauce , chili sauce and sugar , after few days in Siem Reap i realize there was a jar of sugar that prepared on the dining table at every restaurant , just wondering cambodian will use it on food or drink and still wondering after we back homeland .

Youtiao as known as Chinese doughnut "yau ja gwai" , every table served with a plate of "Youtiao" , here the "Youtiao" was not fresh fried out from the crock and it was stiff , I purposely ordered a hot coffee to try out their "Youtiao" and the taste was not salty as ours "Youtiao" .

Silver needle noodles known as 老鼠粉 or 银针粉 , this was delicious with 老鼠粉 soup and it fill with fried mince garlic , slice chicken and bean sprouts .

Chicken Fried Rice , feel regret to order this , it was tasteless .

Fried cambodian stlye noodle , this was awesome among all the dishes that we ordered and it taste something diferent and special .


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