To The New Level To Cover Up

Excited to get a new TAT ....

I was upset the japanese koi fish that I get five years back was Ugly even it was covered 80% of the dragon that I get fifteen years ago . I understand cover up tattoo wont be perfect and I didn't blame on my TAT artist for the japanese koi fish . 

I was fed up been critic by friends and every time i look up on the mirror , I feel regret what I get on my left arm . When I put shirt on , there'S a part of TAT on my Elbow that looks like crab claw instead of tail japanese koi fish . 

Until today , I found a TAT that they name it "Blackwork Ink tattoo" , I was Impressed by looking those photo on internet and i'm sure this "BlackWORK Ink Tattoo" will cover up everything that ugly but I wont feel regret my arm become all black and will look much more better if how I design the mixed up with pattern that I choose .

"Blackwork Ink Tattoo" maybe not really famous in asia , mostly "Blackwork Ink Tattoo" Played by United State or Euro . 

I was happy what I get at the moment , the pain experience I get so far was double up the pain With first time on 25 needle in one shot . 
"Blackwork Ink Tattoo" is not same with with those normal TAT , "Blackwork Ink Tattoo" need to fill up solid black avoid of blank space and It took me about six hours to get solid fill up done .

In this Big project , I'm gonna combine "Blackwork Ink Tattoo - Shoulder Knight Armor" , "Mandala Tattoo" , "Honeycomb Tattoo - four pattern" and "Flower Of Life Tattoo" , All 4 in 1 whole arm sleeve TAT . 

What you see above was only finish of part one for the day , Part two gonna be next month .

After drag For 3 month month from part one of the Blackwork Ink Tattoo - Shoulder Knight Armor , today I get a Mandala TAT that link below Shoulder Knight Armor to cover up the japanese koi fish tail that looks like crab pincers .

First step is getting the out line , andy was really concentrate on his work to make sure the ink is fully went into the skin .

one hour for the out line and back over again to get the lines more thicker for two hours .

Three hours of pains that comes out a perfect art work , mandala itself have thousand of different patterns , this is just one of it . I love the star pattern in the middle .

After four day , the skin started to peal "the ugly moment" and healing by itself .

The next Part for the combination with blackwork knight armor shield tattoo and Mandala flower pattern , This called the power of flower , it related with honeycombs with dots no linings and added few words" Learn From Yesterday , Live For Today , Hope For Tomorrow ." it was a good meaning for me .

So Stay Tuned ....

"In this generation , getting a TATTOO is not a stupid thing , Don't even care or bother what people said that we are paying for pain especially those don't have even one Tattoo on their body , they have no right to judge what we having on our body , I call it as a brave to try one or get more "
"for those people that don't know about tattoo , they thought Tattoo was piece of shit , for us it was piece of art"  


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