Nuffnang Hari Raya Open House 2014

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Sempena this bulan Syawal,nuffnang invite me to come to join them at the #NNRaya Open House 2014 for some makan, minum, laughter and games ...
fellow bloggers yang lain to meet up during the event and to have some fun bersama-sama!

Here are the details for the event:

#NNRaya Open House 2014
Date: 23 August 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm – 8pm
Place: Wanaka the Bungalow, Damansara Heights

Sponsored By: 

Ambi Pur-
Ambi Pur would be bringing along their signature fragrances to the Open House. The Ambi Pur game challenge would require some creative thinking so be prepared to show them what you got!

U Mobile-
Experience fast connection with U Mobile during the event. You may call your loved ones at the U Mobile Call Booth and stand a chance to participate in other mini games!

Also, what is Hari Raya without traditional Malay games and photo time? Are you up for the Congkak or Batu Seremban mini challenge? Leave your smile at the WOW Photobooth!

The #NNRaya Open House 2014 is an invite-only event and we will be giving out 120 pairs of exclusive invites

I would like to thank the official partners,Castrol, Ambi Pur and U Mobile for their support.This contest is open for Nuffnangers only.

-Meet up all the bloggers and nuffies that been invited...

Welcome to The WOW Photobooth!!! 
Picture time with the nuffnangers! Camera has become an indispensable thing in our lives, no matter for guys and girls. it has a photo booth corner for us to take picture.

It's a genius invention, a booth that usually set up in an event, so all the nuffnangers can take picture and the photos print out in an instant.thanks to WOWBOOTH that appeared at this nuffnang event that we all can take out all the funny photo...

#wowgram #wowbooth

Thanks to this two Abang also...they makes best fresh grill lamb....

-The Mee Sup :
This was a awesome Mee Soup ayam that I had,Mee Soup actually is one of my favourite food among and simply and easy dish to make..

It consists of components Yellow noodle and Mee Hon as a major component with chicken soup and the sambal was..WOW!!

Ayam Rendang For Lemang

I wish to get this cater on my wedding for catering in the future..All The food was amazing and no complain at all..

Above is the memory wall for nuffnangers write on the wishes and then tuck it up. That's exactly what I Wrote.hehe

Sponsored By U-Mobile - 
Goodies Give Away Buah Tangan For all the Nuffnangers 
Nice packaging that match colour for tema hari raya....Thanks U-Mobile

Sponsored By Ambi Pur - 
Goodies for my Home a Spring Smile, with New Ambi Pur Air Effects!

breathe happy as you spring clean this season, with new and improved Ambi Pur Air Effects – the beautifully fresh way to achieve fragrant ambience that works for you and your home!

Sponsored By Carama Castrol -
The lucky of me that get a lucky draw Voucher that worth for RM200 From Carama castrol...thanks Carama castrol and thanks for nuffnang for the lucky draw....
I'm Getting a free car service this time and it came on the rite time...Peace!!

The Event Finish In short while even thou it was 5 hours and wish to attend nuffnang events in the future and soon.....


  1. wow nice entry.. selamat hari raya.. BBL segan nak amik gambar sama2 dengan eddy :)

  2. haha....x pe...lain kali klu ade event lg,kite ambik gambar...

  3. Congrats on winning the lucky draw, Eddy! Have a good car service.

    Team Carama

    1. Thx alot Carama For the lucky Draw...
      Will update you for the Car Service Survey soon..


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