Nam Heong White Coffee (南香) , Ipoh

This Chinese coffee shop is the original home of the famous "Ipoh White Coffee," Also serves egg tarts, fried rice noodles and other local eats, if you feel hesitate which coffee shop to choose, it is the best decision for you to drop by here and have a cup of the original old town white coffee. Nam Heong coffee shop has passed to the fourth generation and now, they establish a company to promote their white coffee to the public. The famous brand – Old Town White Coffee is their product..

Many celebrities had been to this place,The coffeeshop is rather humble and seats are limited (either there or it’s too crowded) so be prepared to share tables...

It also has stalls that serve char kueh teow, egg tarts and other pastries and noodles. Customers come not just for the coffee but also the food.Of course now there are 1001 different brand figuratively speaking. Its dynamicism is not limited to trading but the children ventured into the Kopitiam franchise business. It has gone to the length of penisular Malaysia and has reached Singapore where the business was snapped by a sole franchiser.

Ipoh Old Town White Coffee (iced). Tasted so aromatic and smooth.
As you can see from the picture, it’s not exactly white. Since there are many coffee shops in ipoh that serve white coffee it is important to go to THE BEST

The egg tarts seem to be very popular – they are making trays and trays of them every now and then! Hence you’re likely to be served with one hot from the oven literally.

 2, Jalan Bandar Timah,
 30000, Ipoh, Perak


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