Capitol Satay Celup, Melaka

A visit to Malacca will never be complete until you take a taste of the popular satay celup.
let me give a simple description of satay celup. "Satay" is an authentic Malay food of grilled marinated meats (common meat used are chicken and beef), served on bamboo skewers, usually come with spicy peanut sauce for dipping. On the other hand, "celup" means "dip" in Malay language.

With all the hype that’s going around about Capitol, I’ve always wanted to try out the Satay Celup over here,But the scary thing about coming to Capitol is that I have to face this…A super loooooong queue.This place is infamously known for being crowded. Customers have to queue along the road and wait patiently for their turn.Feeling determined, we joined the queue. Surprisingly throughout the wait, there were people who gave up and left the queue.

We waited for 3 and half hours for this dinner...really crazy but worth it,i havent been wait a meal for this long before and this was my first time....

By the time we reached the entrance of Capitol, the sky was already dark,all for the sake of some skewered food with peanut sauce.

there are more than four and a half rows of food, consisting over 80 types of skewered seafood and vegetables, ranging from chicken, cockles, abalones, fish balls, cuttlefish, mushrooms, vegetables, quail's eggs, shrimps, bean curds, fried bean curds, tofu, fried dough flour or more commonly known as "yu-char-kuey". Besides the aromatic peanut sauce, the galore of food they offer here is one of the factors that makes this place attractive.
They make sure the freshness of the food are maintained by keeping them inside huge refrigerators at the back and open fridges with shelves at the dining hall.

This was part of foods that we took...still have more to go...
The sauce is constantly on the boil, and the waitress will constantly go from one table to another to make sure that the sauce stays at the satisfying level of thickness throughout our meal, by blending the sauce with sufficient amount of savours and peanuts. The sauce is replaced for each new customer on table.
Everything is self-serviced here and it is a strictly no take-away place.
There is something many people didn’t notice. When your table is full of used satay sticks, the owner will come and offer premium food at the same price. The premium food includes large size prawns, baby abalones and sliced abalones. He will put a few on your table and it’s up to you whether you want it or not.

The bread with cubed cucumbers, to be dipped into the peanut sauce.
just dunk them into the boiling sauce and let them cook,It’s fun to dip in as many as you can, but make sure it’s manageable. Some pieces soften and may slide off the stick.

Once you are done, the waitress will come over to your table and count your bamboo sticks, and you pay. Try not to remain on your table and continue to chit chat after your meal because that will make others to wait unnecessarily.

So, whenever you are in Malacca and have never tried satay celup before, make sure you give it a try before leaving the place. This dish is considered a signature dish in Malacca, so complete your trip with this dining experience!

I know that everyone has been saying that Capitol’s Satay Celup is must-try, best ever food , but I don’t think I’ll go back for another round. 
i will consider to go again if they extend their shop bigger to avoid for long que.... 

Address: Capitol Satay Celup Restaurant,
 41, Lorong Bukit Cina, 
75100 Melaka, Malaysia  
Tel: +60-6-283-5508, +60-12-229-5505   
Operating hours: 
Daily from 5:00 pm (Closed on Monday)
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