Port Village Seafood,Port Klang

Restaurant Port Village, a restaurant located at Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang. Yes, what I can remember is the Klang seafood was good.What I can remember is the seafood was good & the place was always full. 
A seafood restaurant that used to be our favorite spot for seafood,Restaurant was built on the far end of the pier with woods and stilts without much decorations. A restaurant with good service despite their crowds.

 Mantis Shrimp Kung Po style================Kam Heong Bamboo Clam

Long wooden platform into Port Village Seafood Restaurant.

This restaurant is actually built on wooden stilts overlooking the estuary, with a couple of fishing boats beside on it. The cool sea breeze is enough for us to sit back, enjoy our meal..

Fried Duck Egg Squid====================Steam Spicy Talapia

( LaLa Soup)
CHEAP! For the amount and quality of food, I consider it very cheap.

Port Village Seafood Restaurant 

LMS A 12800, Tanjung Harapan, 
42000 Klang, Selangor. 

Tel: 03-31764530 
Business hours: Mon-Fri: 11.30am-3.00pm and

Sat & Sun: 11.30am-11.00pm
GPS Coordinates : 3.002782,101.375619

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