Anjung Gurney @ Gurney Drive

Along Gurney Drive in Penang, lot a food court that is famous for all the hawker food, previously sold by the seafront promenade...

After the renovations in 2006, Anjung Gurney Hawker Centre is today, the best place to taste all the famous Malaysian hawker fares.
This open air food court is almost toward the end of Gurney Drive. Most stall starts around 6pm and crowd will start pouring in around 6:30pm.

Gurney Famous fried stuff in anjung gurney foodcourt,they have alot selection of food to fried...

the food is like normal fried stuff,is the sauce that diferent taste than others ...

the fried sotong(squid) was nice bcoz of the flour they use...

and i wont miss my most favourite food-Fried Chicken Skin...

As old folks says,dont eat too much of Fried Chicken Skin ,is not good for health but dont worry i seldom eat this kind of food...and it still my favourite..haha


Grill Fish

You see how solid is the colour after they grill this fish....


Penang Popiah

Persiaran Gurney
Georgetown, Jelutong,
Penang, Malaysia
GPS Coordinates : 5.439946,100.309516

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