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Food Talk Cafe , SS2

A new hang out place that been open 2 month back...if not mistaken...hehe Alot food & drink selection to be order....... The shop Located same Row With Publicbank SS2, Before This NEW Shop of food talk Cafe,it was hainan coffee if you familiar With SS2.... ordered dumpling soup yee mee and I can say is tasteless...not cool enough...huhu My fren order the rainbow colour drink that called 酸你老梅...and she said not bad.... And I ordered original milk tea that filled in a beer glass bottle and be drink by shots glass...just like a normal milk tea and colour look like tequila it look like I'm drinking alcohol to others...lolx cocoa wit cocoa powder on it Will come back and try others in menu... Just wait for my update... ;) Second Visit 27/07/14 Tester Kam Heong Pork Rice 么都得(What also can) 63 Jalan SS 2/75,  Ss 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya , Selangor, Malaysia