Merdeka Eve Laughs at SOULed OUT

Merdeka 2018 was celebrated with the air of hope and promise for change continuing to invigorate the country. For its part, SOULed OUT promoted patriotism among its patrons with deals and give-aways throughout August, which culminated in a SOULed OUT style Merdeka Eve party complete with contemporary local performances, games and prizes.
On August 30th, SOULed OUT welcomed guests for a night of Malaysian culture and entertainment at SOULed OUT Kuala Lumpur at Desa Sri Hartamas. In honour of The Nation’s 61st birthday, guests were treated to local Malaysian food and performances including a special appearance by ‘Syed Teh Tarik’ and a ‘Roti Canai Terbang’ show. For cinching victory in the SOULed OUT Nasi Lemak packing competition the speedy Jessy Wong and other winners won many attractive prizes including, of course, plenty of vouchers for their next visit to any SOULed OUT outlet

Throughout the Merdeka Month, customers were also given the opportunity to prominently inscribe the thing…

The Houze, Waffles Bar, Big Tas Tea & Roti John Kingkong, Perlis | Malaysia

The Houze Vendor Boutique Cafe While you in Perlis Sudden looking for Western plus Local cuisine or Korean Dessert, Head to The Houze Vendor Boutique cafe to dine with your friend when they having a different taste bud for the day.
The Houze Vendor Boutique cafe is located No 2. Lot 1632, Jalan Abi Tok Hashim, Kampung Behor Empiang, 01000 Kangar, Perlis. It is a single storeys shop lots manage by young lady entrepreneur,  Brings hipster dishes to Perlis youngters to enjoy. Simple Cozy environment to enjoy the dining.
The Houze Vendor Boutique & Cafe Address : No 2. Lot 1632, Jalan Abi Tok Hashim,  Kampung Behor Empiang, 01000 Kangar, Perlis. Contact : 013-533 1859 Hours : Sat - Thu, 11AM - 6PM Close on Friday
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Waffles Bar Waffles Bar is a new thing In Perlis, Right to say waffles snacks are available at every corner of any country or state but why I still need to recommend to People of Perlis or Anyone t…

Pelo Kitchen, Perlis | Malaysia

Pelo Kitchen is located at 315,Tingkat Bawah ,Jalan Kangar-Alor Setar,Taman Pengkalan Asam,01000 Kangar Perlis, Kangar and If not mistaken Pelo Kitchen just opened just for few month.
At Pelo Kitchen, They serve Asian food, Local Malay delight and Western cuisine, where tables and chairs been set up with a simple cozy environment.
On the day we visit, We had a chance to meet the owner, the chef of Pelo Kithchen Mr.Kenneth Goh. Chef Kenneth have more than 15 years experience in F&B industrial, A Perlis Born Chinese brought himself to Singapore started his career from kitchen helper until become a Chef in five star Hotel. His wish has come true that he has open his own restaurant and ready to served awesome delicious food for People of Perlis, No Pork - No Lard - No Alcohol

Pelo Kitchen, Perlis
Address : No. 315,Tingkat Bawah ,Jalan Kangar-Alor Setar,Taman Pengkalan Asam,01000 Kangar Perlis, Kangar
Hours : Tue - Sun, 12PM - 10PM | Closed On Monday
Contact : 012-5534667 Kenneth Goh

Bossku House, Perlis | Malaysia

Bossku House is a new name, opened just a month ago along Persiaran Jubli Emas, Kangar, Perlis. Located just Opposite of The Putra Regency Hotel, Operating from 7a.m to 12a.m.
At Bossku, They serve Asian food, Local Malay delight, Western cuisine and Italian dishes where tables and chairs been set up under large huge tree with light bulb around that bright the whole place at the night.
For a new restaurant like Bossku house, they also provide private section for any function occasion for western cuisine and many much more, where you can enjoy dining with large group.
At Bossku house, there have few food stall served local delight for patron beside of western cuisine.     Sizzling Pan Fried Noodles   Beef and Chicken Satay Cendol  Cantonese Style Kung Fu Kuey Teow  Kuey Teow Kambing
Address : Persiaran Jubli Emas, 01000, Kangar, Perlis (Opposite of The Putra Regency Hotel) Hours : Daily 7A.M - 12A.M Contact : +60174844950