VIT’S Instant Noodle Certified Halal since 1980


Vit Makanan (Kuala Lumpur) Sdn Bhd is an instant noodles manufacturing company which has been established since year 1975. VIT’S is certified with Malaysia Halal Certification since 1980s with the certificate serial no of 1 001-01/2005.

VIT’S products in the market were produced when the Halal Certificate is still in enforced. Hence, we strongly assured that these products in the market are complied to Halal standard and safe to consume. So consumers do not have to hesitate but continue to consume the products that are available in the market right now.

“Referring to the recent viral issue on social media, we would like to clarify the situation in detail so that it does not bring in further negative impact or cause our Muslim customer to misunderstand our current situation.” Commented Mr YT Lai as VIT’S Executive Director.

Last September 2020, VIT’S premise was visited by Inspector from the Halal Department of the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) for periodical inspection. They have raised technical concern with regards to the hygiene within VIT’S processing area. VIT’S has addressed the said technical concern and reverted to JAIS immediately. VIT’S is currently awaiting for JAIS inspection.

“We are currently one of the 300 companies who are waiting turn to be inspected, and we are obeying to the queue. Given the pandemic situation, on-site inspection by JAIS officers has been restricted within this period of time” Said VIT’S Halal Officer Puan Chumihati.
KPDNHEP recently visited VIT’S premise on 6th January 2021 and advised VIT’S to not release the recently produced products to the market until obtain the approval from JAIS. 

As a company with more than 50% Malay and Muslims staff, we acknowledged that, it is utmost importance for VIT’S to maintain the HALAL standard prioritizing on hygiene, VIT’S has been working very closely with JAIS and KPDNHEP on this matter to solve the case as soon as possible. VIT’S understand the importance of Halal requirements and takes this matter seriously.  

We urge the public to deal directly with VIT’S on any enquiry and urge them to stop spreading any false information as this will lead to further misunderstanding. We shall update our latest status with regards to this issue via our official portal at href="">


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