Dumpling Kings & Phuture Daging Partner To Launch Malaysia's First Plant Based Dumpling Outlet

Specialised plant-based meat dumpling franchise Dumpling Kings and plant-based meats foodtech company Phuture Daging is collaborating to launch Malaysia’s first plant-based dumpling outlet. Leveraging Phuture Daging’s customised plant-based meat solutions and halal-certified manufacturing process, Dumpling Kings aims to make the humble dumpling, a comfort food that can be shared among Malaysians, regardless of dietary or religious restrictions. The collaboration will see the opening of Malaysia’s first Dumpling Kings outlet offering a fully-halal, plant-based menu in the 4th quarter of 2020.

Both companies hosted a plant-based food tasting session And We had the opportunity to try this delicious Dumplings at a presentation session of their latest dumpling dish at Le Food Cafe. The dumplings We get to try four dumpling flavours (spicy mala, kimchi, chives, and mushroom cabbage) were served over four courses with both pan-fried and boiled options Vegan Meat Malaysia.

Speaking at the food tasting session, Lyn, co-founder of Dumpling Kings, said “We’ve seen an increased demand and awareness of plant-based food in Malaysia, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the food logistics network, raising health and food safety concerns. However, current plant-based dining spaces are limited and less accessible.

“Our tagline Dumplings for All is fulfilled by making healthy plant-based dumplings (typically
meat-based) accessible to all Malaysians. This is a perfect fit with Phuture Daging’s ethos in
producing halal plant-based meat from local ingredients, as their offerings are not only more
affordable, but more socially and environmentally conscious.

“Our collaboration with Phuture Daging maximises nutritional values in our dumplings .
Moreover, our dough is handmade fresh by authentic dumpling chefs,” she enthused.

Lyn and her co-founder Shawn plan to advance the collaboration with Phuture Daging through
a franchising model that provide entrepreneurship opportunity for aspiring young entrepreneur
in Malaysia plan to take the collaboration with Phuture Daging further in 2021, opening up the
Dumpling Kings brand to young entrepreneurs who need a leg-up into the plant-based food

“Consumers have increasing awareness and Malaysia’s enterprising youth are willing to build on
this. With our best practices in sourcing, financing, and marketing in place and backed by the
foodtech experts at Phuture Daging, we at Dumpling Kings can work with aspiring
entrepreneurs to grow the local plant-based sector,” Shawn remarked.

Also present at the signing/food tasting was Phuture Daging general manager Datin Maziah Binti Omar, who noted that this partnership marks Phuture Daging’s introduction of its halal plant-based solutions to the Malaysian market. Phuture Daging’s plant-based meats are processed in compliance with halal standards, which are overseen by Phuture Daging’s Halal Advisory Board led by Pn. Norlia Binti Yusof. 

Maziah said, “Phuture Daging's experienced R&D and culinary team will continue to support and assist Dumpling Kings to incorporate plant-based solutions into their menu As a Muslim consumer and dumpling lover myself, I often found options limited to products sold in the frozen foods section or the few halal eateries that sell dumplings. 

“Our partnership today offers new freshly-made dumpling offerings to Muslim consumers as well as health-conscious foodies. After all, halal is not just about religious obligations, but also encompasses high food standards, i.e quality, safety and health. All our ingredients are halal, sourced from local farms and processed in compliance with halal practices,” she said.

About Dumpling Kings

Founded by Shawn Pan and Lyn Teh, Dumpling Kings aims to reinvent the conventional dumpling experience through plant-based meat. Dumpling Kings aims to serve Muslim consumers with more dumplings varieties and healthier options. Given the increasing interest in plant-based diets, Dumpling Kings also sees its dumplings as a healthy option for Muslim consumers.

Dumpling Kings will launch its first outlet in Klang Valley in the fourth quarter of 2020, and open its model to business partners for expansion in 2021. Together with Phuture Daging, Dumpling King will help entrepreneurs make their mark in the plant-based space by providing financial guidance, sourcing raw materials supplies and maintaining industry best practices.

About Phuture Daging

Phuture Daging supports local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who want to incorporate plant-based offerings into their menu. In addition to serving the growing demand for plant-based offerings among Malaysian consumers, Phuture Daging also supports local farmers throughsustainable sourcing of local ingredients.

Check out more info at : www.phuturedaging.com


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