Cheap Car Rental in Langkawi from RM 40/day - Operation 24/7

So you're thinking of going on a vacation in Langkawi, one of the most famous tourist spots in Malaysia? Or are you heading to Langkawi on a business trip? Langkawi Island, or Pulau Langkawi as known by locals, is an archipelago made up of 99 islands in Malaysia's west cost. A beautiful and historical tourist location in Malaysia, the interior of the main island is a mixture of picturesque paddy fields and jungle-clad hills. Tourists local and abroad favour this tourist location due to its duty-free status (hence a lot of shopping!), but it has also its fair share of beautiful destinations for nature lovers.
Visitors coming to Langkawi will be wanting to know the best mode of travel to get around Langkawi. As its a popular tourist destination (Skycab - Cable car) , Langkawi , Believe 5D Art Museum , Langkawi, Underwater World , Langkawi getting a ride around the island is not too difficult as Langkawi has an adequate transportation system for the public.

However, casual tourists or those that come to Cenang Beach Langkawi on business, or for those who bring a group of people such as families and friends, would want to get an affordable yet convenient mode of transportation to get around Langkawi would agree that hiring a rental car in Langkawi would be the most cost-effective option.
Car rental Langkawi come in abundance, but the real trick is finding a cheap car rental in Langkawi. You will be pleased to know that there is a company in Langkawi that provides cheap car rental in Langkawi from RM 40/day - and operating round the clock 24/7. That would be most beneficial to travelers coming in and out of Langkawi regardless of time (morning, evening or even at night) where you need to snap up a rental car no matter what time you arrive at Langkawi. Let us introduce you to the company.

Langkawi JT Travel & Tours Cheap Car Rental in Langkawi From RM40/day - Operation 24/7
Introducing Langkawi JT Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd, where you can get cheap car rentals in Langkawi from only RN 40/day! With its offices running 24/7 in operation throughout the day, you can be rest assured that you can obtain car rental services from this company any time of the day, every day. Having a car rental company that is available at any time of the day is of utmost importance particularly for the last-minute traveller or the overnight traveller arriving in Langkawi on odd hours and wishes to obtain transportation as fast as possible.
Langkawi JT Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd offers a wide range of vehicles with over 25 types of vehicle types for your car rental needs. Not only you get cheap car rental in Langkawi from RM40/day with 24/7 operation, you get to pick a wide range of cars or vehicles. Depending on your budget and preference, there is a vehicle just for you. From compact hatchbacks, sedans, vans to luxurious MPVs, we have a vehicle that will suit your needs.

You can make your car rental bookings anytime and at any place. Whether you have yet to travel to Langkawi or you have already arrived, this car rental company will be there  for you all day and all night. You can be rest assured that you will have your vehicle waiting for you once you step foot at Langkawi.
Besides offering cheap car rental services in Langkawi with rates starting from RM40/day with day-to-day operations day and night 24/7, Langkawi JT Travel & Tours also provide tourist activities, services and facilities, such as homestays, sunset cruises, water sports, island hopping, mangrove tours and visit to Pulau Payar. If you have any activities planned during your stay at Langkawi, you can check with us for our best rates and service.

Types of Rental Cars at Langkawi JT Travel & Tours Cheap Car Rental in Langkawi From RM40/day - Operation 24/7

Depending on your budget and preference, there are more than 50 cars provided by Langkawi JT Travel & Tours. Whether you need a car just for yourself to move around, or you need a comfortable saloon car for your family to get to places in Langkawi, or if you want a touch of luxury. Langkawi JT Travel & Tours has a collection of cars leaving you with the choice of choosing the car that you like.
Below are the types of vehicles provided by Langkawi JT Travel & Tours and it has among the cheapest rates in Langkawi, with rental prices that starts as low as RM40. So, you can choose your car choice and drive around in Langkawi comfortably. From subcompacts and sedans to multipurpose vehicles (MPVs) and vans, there is a car for every type of customer, either alone, with friends or family, or with a group of people. Let’s have a look.
Feeling like enjoying your vacation as a solo traveller or bringing your small family along? Why not use compact cars as your choice while getting along from one place to other places? Compact cars are fuel-efficient and yet can hold up to five passengers comfortably. Its small size and easy handling means that they are easy to move around, easy to drive, and easy to park. This is for the most budget conscious or for those who simply needs something simple.
Sedan cars are for the people who want to be comfortable with their journey even though they are bringing small amount of people for their trip. Sedan cars are famous for their spacious interior and large boot, particularly suitable if you are the shopper type or you want to have a degree of comfort with you and your family or friends. If you intend to bring a lot of stuffs with you, then sedan-type cars might be the perfect choice. Budget wise it’s still quite affordable when taken into consideration its fuel consumption, luggage space and spaciousness of seating to comfortably sit 5 people.
MPV or multi-purpose vehicles can load up a lot of people at the same time and it is the best choice for those who prefer bringing their big family along or if you have a large group of people together with you during your trip or vacation. You can also put a lot of things in the car as it is designed to be used for big families, or for big shoppers whereby the luggage compartment can be extended for the possible extra shopping items.
To those who want to bring more than their families, or if you are travelling with a large group of people (like a small departmental company trip of about 10 people or so) and still want to be able to experience a smooth and comfortable journey while on the road, then you can get your hands on a van. It can load up to 12 people and you do not have to worry about space as they are very spacious. This is the cost-effective and convenient option for those who bring groups or large families to Langkawi, and would like a reliable, convenient and practical means of travel to get around Langkawi and its many attractions, apart from the beaches of course!

Price List of Car Available to Rent at Langkawi

Below is the list of promotional price of car that is available to rent by Langkawi JT Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd

●               Scooter  -  RM30
●               Perodua Viva  -  RM50
●               Suzuki Alto  -  RM50
●               Perodua Axia  -  RM60
●               Mitsubishi Mirage  -  RM60
●               Perodua Myvi  -  RM60
●               Perodua Myvi (New)  -  RM70
●               Nissan Sentra  -  RM60
●               Proton Saga FLX  -  RM60
●               Proton Saga FLX (New)  -  RM70
●               Nissan Almera  -  RM70
●               Toyota Vios  -  RM70
●               Toyota Vios  -  RM80
●               Honda City  -  RM90
●               Honda Jazz  -  RM90
●               Toyota Camry  -  RM180
●               Perodua Alza  -  RM80
●               Nissan Grand Livina  -  RM80
●               Toyota Avanza  -  RM80
●               Toyota Avanza (New)  -  RM90
●               Nissan Serea  -  RM100
●               Toyota Innova  -  RM100
●               Nissan Urvan  -  RM130
●               Toyota Hiace  -  RM150
●               Hyundai Starex  -  RM400
●               Toyota Vellfire  -  RM400
Terms and Conditions of Renting Car from Langkawi JT Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd

Below is the terms and conditions stated by Langkawi Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd for whoever that want to rent a car from them.
Testimonals From Customers for Langkawi JT Travel & Tours
Cheap Car Rental In Langkawi From RM 40/day - Operation 24/7

Here are some of our customers' testimonials with regards to our services in providing the best cheap car rental service in Langkawi from only RM40/day with 24/7 operations. We work tirelessly day and night, come rain or shine, to ensure our customers' satisfaction towards our service. Don't take our word for it, let's see some of the comments and pictures from from our lovely and satisfied customers below.
One comment from our customer, saying thanks for our service in providing a van rental, with the customer commending on the service, comfort and overall satisfaction.
Another of our customers commending on our service, and their promise that should they ever come to Langkawi again, they can count on our services.
Photos and mementos from our customers from local and abroad who peruse our services.
The entire family is in gratitude and we at Langkawi JT Travel are thankful for their patronage. We hope that their stay in Langkawi is a wonderful one.

Rent Your Car With Langkawi JT Travel & Tours Cheap Car Rental In Langkawi From RM40/day - Operation 24/7

Renting a car allows visiting remote places, hidden trails or restaurants with a view, impossible to get to by taking a taxi or a bus. These special places are usually inaccessible by bus. Also, there is nothing better than a car waiting for you. Nothing more comfortable than not having to carry your luggage to the bus, train, or paying taxi airport additional charges for it. Say yes to the comfort, convenience and affordability, exclusive for you.
Don’t waste your time looking for other car rental companies. Go with Langkawi JT Travel & Tours,, one of the cheap car rental In Langkawi from RM40/day - Operation 24/7, as your solution to your car rental needs. Act now and book with them via the contact info below. You will not be disappointed and rest assured that we will look after you and that you will receive our best service. What are you waiting for? Book now!
(Kereta Sewa Langkawi)

Correspondence Address:
T-2S Bangunan Satelit, Kompleks Jetty Point
07000 Kuah, Langkawi
Kedah Darul Aman
Contact Information:
Telephone: +6012 4777579, +6013 3455599
Instagram: @Langkawijttravel


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