Sam Ro Thai Cuisine , Damansara Jaya ( Closed )

Hola everyone , it's been a while I didn't have a proper Thai cuisine until I found this Sam Ro Thai Cuisine that located at Damansara Jaya (DJ) . The shop located at a strategy area opposited with Housing area and a long row of shop house but Don't worry about that , Sam Ro can be found by using Google map . Sam Ro was just started their business and serve their patron from September 2017 , Means this Thai cuisine was new in town not more than a month or almost a month now . Most of the time  , we always wondering How awesome is the food for a new restaurant . 
No worries , let me "The Fatboy" go through all the food here with a high knowledge and deep experience on all kinds foods . As most of them know me as a Food Hunter , a food guide around klang valley and every corner of the world (kua Jiong) . when I pass by the shop , there was two big aquarium filled with live freshwater Prawn and My all time favourite Talapia Fish swimming around . Guess what , The fish and Prawn are directly brought from their own breeding farm that located at Slim River .
Sam Ro In Thai mean Trishaw , That's mean they serve authentic Thai Cuisine that change to Malaysian fusion taste bud . To be honest , Most Of the Malaysian like Us can't really take the original flavour of Thai dishes because Thai People like their dishes salty , Oily or extreme spicy . We able to meet the chef as well , he was in Thai Cuisine for more than 20 years . I think he is a Malaysian that speak well thai and Malay language , the most important matter is the chef cooks delicious dishes , The variety of foods are sufficient .
The restaurant is modern and strives for a cozy , laid back ambiance .  This approach creates a one-of-a-kind dining environment that allows patron to have a comfortable experience . The whole area can fit up to 50 pax to be seated to enjoy dining , surprisingly is the shop was full house during Dinner hours and they started to having regular customer in just One month Operating .
Let's see how Sam Ro Thai Cuisine Dishes looks like !!
Green Curry (Chicken/Pork) , (S)RM18 (M)RM35 - Thick creamy delicious and easy green curry , If you are a Thai green curry lover , I am sure you will love this dishes . spicy, aromatic, sweet and savory at the same time. Green curry is such a great delight, specially when served with steaming white rice.
Thai Style Fried Kailan , (S)RM13 (M)RM18 - A really good stir-fry sauce and flavourful garlic , lard was used to flavour on the stir-fries .
'Pat Ped' with Petai , (S)RM20 (M)RM38 - Thai Stink Beans with fresh and juicy Shrimp , the stink beans should is crisp and fresh , and the sambal sauce is where all the stunning flavor comes from with the chilies , garlic , turmeric , and lemongrass . All work together for a flavor that will blow your mind .
Tom Yam Seafood Coconut Soup , RM25 -  This Tom Yam seafood soup is authentic and incredible tasting with big freshwater Prawn , you'll love the combination of seafood with lemongrass, coconut milk and lime . We finished the soup at the end , Unforgetable .
Authentic Thai Grilled Talapia (Pla Pao ปลาเผา)  -  The Thai way of grilling a whole fish , is one of the best grill dishes i love that I’ve seen anywhere especially at Thailand street food . A nicely cooked juicy grilled Talapia must eaten along with a garlic chili seafood dipping sauce .
Big Head Prawn "Geng Som" - Thai sour curry is a sour and spicy soup that popular in central Thailand , The curry is characteristic for its sour taste cooked with Long bean and Kangkung . not oily , satisfies for spiciness and extreme flavors .
Thai Style Lemon Steamed Grouper - It’s a marvelous Thai steamed Grouper dish , and being sour , slighty spicy , garlicky , and well balanced in taste , it’s a Thai dish that really portrays the contrast and excitement of flavors in Thai food . Gently cooks the fish until tender juicy that creates an instant and complex sauce .
Pla Ban Suan Deep Fried Talapia - The fish is fried until golden and crispy . The savoury crunch is contrasted by the condiments , sprinkle with cashew nuts , chopped chilles , onion . Few slice of cilantro into the mango salad . Side serve with Piper sarmentosum leaf .
Thai Style Coconut Seafood Otak Otak , RM22 - Seafood Otak-Otak in coconut features fresh Prawn cooked together with Otak Otak thai chili paste and coconut milk . It’s got a good balance of spices and coconut cream , rendering lovely savory and moreish flavours with some heat .
BBQ Pork Neck , RM22 - Should it surprise everyone that pork neck is one of the favorite cuts , Blessed with just the right amount of lean meat , muscle , fat that makes pork neck is so flavorful that I’m tempted to . must eaten along with a garlic chili seafood dipping sauce .
Mango Sticky Rice - Signature Thai dessert , Mango on sticky rice is a traditional dessert . Personally I love fruity desert , because it doesn’t heavy or too sweet . Most of the times , it’s very well balanced of flavors .
Imported Thailand Snacks - For those who miss Thai snack or simply to stock up on favourite Thai tastes , this is the place to be . There are at least 5 canned snacks sold at Sam Ro that will satisfy your Thai cravings . Have you tried any of the snacks above ? Which are your favourites ?
Imported Thailand Beer - Thais have been brewing their own beers , give some of the local brews a try if you’re in the mood for a cold one . Keep in mind that Thai beer is typically a little stronger (around 6%) than you might be used to and is almost always served in a glass , with ice, unless you specify otherwise . Available at Sam Ro are : Singha , Chang , Leo and Sky Cooler .
One more Interesting apart of Sam Ro are the outdoor bar table , build up from plywood placed at the side of the shop . This spot was perfect for enjoying Thai Beer and side snack like Grill dishes along with Friends too .

I honestly praise them on serving us delicious Thai food along with friendly service . The traditional Thai hospitality makes me will  return again and again ! Sam Ro are open daily from 11am daytime Thai Lunch Specials till 11pm for traditional Thai ala carte dishes .

Sam Ro Thai Cuisine
Address : No 27, Jalan SS22/11, Damansara Jaya
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Contact : 011-3300 4677
Hours : Daily 11AM - 11PM


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