Tart Passion , Damansara Uptown

Tart Passion is a stall that located at Bintang Kopitiam in Damansara Utama or well known as Damansara Uptown , Tart Passion recipe is originally from the infamous Egg Tarts King ( Ipoh Oldtown Tart King 怡保二奶巷葡挞王 )that located at Concubine Lane , Ipoh .which is still operating by Angel's family . Thanks To Kiple Recommend Us this Hidden gem ...
Easily will be spotted while the stall was placed in front of the shop , Six Item on menu everyday Fresh Egg tart , Pandan egg tart , Portuguese Egg tart , Chicken Siew Pao , Coconuts tart and Kaya puff . Me myself is a tart lover too , where ever I saw Egg Tart I will get some and try out . Unfortunately not all the Egg tart is delicious But Tart Pasiion's Egg Tart can be in my one of the delicios list .
When talk about fresh tart , Freshness is a must . At Tart Passion , The beauty Lady boss "Angel" baked her tart all the time . Witness by me pouring the filling of Egg and pandan tarts and then pushing it into oven , what a great opportunity to experience How tarts been done . Angel also tell us alot about the tart since she was learning to do from she was young by helping her parent those days , and now she manage her own stall bringing the taste of Ipoh oldtown to the city . Angel is from Ipoh same as me as well , Ipoh Is really a food Heaven I Tell you . She brought a part of ipoh Street snack delight to taste bud In Klang valley .How awesome is that ?
The texture was so fluffy in the Egg tart , The filling is not that sweet and just fine for me . The kaya Puff filling was so thick same as I had at Ipoh because mostly out there the dough are more thick than the filling . The Chicken Siew pao aroma is so strong after bring out from the oven .
Do drop by for lunch at Bintang Kopitiam and have or take away this delicious Tart home for your friends and family , Get to know more about Pretty Angel . Hard working Lady boss earn it .

Tart Passion 
Address : Bintang Kopitiam , No.56M , Jalan SS 21/39,
Damansara Utama , Petaling Jaya, Malaysia .
Hours : Mon - Sat 7:30AM - 3:30PM
Closed on Sunday 
Contact : 012-522 6026


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