Jacks Chill & Spicy Tales , SS2

In the middle of bustle SS2 district , Jacks Chill & Spicy Tales is a new place to hang out during Lunch and dinner hour or Even sit down chill have few pint of beer along with friends , Jacks Chill & Spicy Tales is located No.28 Jalan SS2/66 Ground floor shop lots Same Row with SS2 Digi Store . which is feels much more cosy while dining and a place for people to meet up with relaxed atmosphere , serving great food and drinks .

Jacks Chill & Spicy Tales serve local , regional and also Fusion cuisine , The concept of decoration create bright brick bar and simple easy tables & chairs . An ideal venue for gathering or throw a party for maximum 50 pax . The restaurant form with brick wall hangs with some heritage photos created a trendy and modern stylish setting . The shop can be easily spotted by Red and green signboard , It's looks colourful among the row . Do dropby try out their Fusion foods or else Chill like Jack with a pint of beer . thanks to  FoodiLIFEcious Jio me for food review....

Squid Stuff with Mice pork in Spicy & Sweet Gravy
Prawn Sauteed With Coconut Milk
Fried Tofu Pok With Pork Filling 
Spicy Garlic Prawn with Extreme Spiciness
Chicken Wing with Glutinous Rice Spice
Spicy Pork Stir Fry with spring onion
Vietnam Style Fried Chicken Drumsticks

Jacks Chill & Spicy Tales make the place looks so much fun with their LED Light Up Fountain Glasses and the Light Up LED Ice Cubes , Lighted Fountain Glasses are great when These LED Pilsner style glasses versatile lighted glass and look fantastic filled up with either soda pop or your favorite frosty beverage .

Vietnam Sweet assam with fried peanuts , Orangenade , Lemonade , Strawberry Smoothies , Oreo Smoothie , Passion Fruit Cooler , Pussyfoot , Virgin Pinacolada , Shirley Temple , Mango Lime Tea .
Jacks Chill & Spicy Tales , SS2
Address : No.28 (ground floor) , Jalan SS2/66
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia .
Contact : 03-7865 3288
Hours : Mon - Sat 11AM - 11PM 
Closed On Sunday


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