Wine Tasting with Mr Pedro Pereira @ Boozeat

23th February , It was a great pleasure that been invited by Boozeat and held the Wine tasting event at their Office . On the day , the wine tasting session will be guided by expert wine connoisseur, Mr Pedro Pereira the Group Area Manage of SoGrape (Asia Pacific) . This SoGrape Vinhos is Portugal's most prominent wine company established in 1942 . The company proudly owns over 830 hectares of vineyards in the all key Portuguese wine regions. At the same time, their wines are available in at least 120 markets across Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America regions .

Enjoy a sensational wine tasting experience accompanied by Mr Pedro's personal commentary on 7 premium wines featured in SoGrape's own world renowned Portuguese Table wine .

In the same day , they also serving 120 Fresh Live US Oysters at the BOOZEAT's Wine Tasting Session , opening  this fresh oysters is not an easy job as I see . 

How to Shuck an Oyster:
1) Placed the oyster on a cloth , cup side down , with the hinge end pointed towards you.
2) While holding the oyster firmly down with your hand, press the point of the oyster knife firmly into the hinge, twisting the knife . The upper shell should pop open . 
3) Cut the upper abductor muscle by sliding the knife between the shell and the meat at the 2 o'clock position.
4) Remove the top shell.
5) Move the knife under the meat to cut the bottom abductor muscle; remove shell fragments . Once opened oysters on the half shell put on ice to keep them cold . 

These are the seven wines that I'm gonna to taste  Tonite :

Mateus Rose - The Original
Marble Leaf Sauvignon Blanc - White Wine
Marble Leaf Pinot Gris - White Wine
Chateau Los Boldos Chardonnay - White Wine
Chateau Los Boldos Cabernet Sauvignon - Red Wine
Chateau Los Boldos Merlot - Red Wine
Chateau Los Boldos Carmenere - Red Wine

They started with light tasted wine till strong taste , I miss out to try Mateus Rose because I reach there late , Marble Leaf Sauvignon Blanc and Marble Leaf Pinot Gris could be my favourite since they are light like champagne smooth to have more , After that I tried Chateau Los Boldos Chardonnay slightly stronger than Marble Leaf Sauvignon Blanc and Marble Leaf Pinot Gris . Next try out Chateau Los Boldos Red Wine , The reds are too strong for me and luckily I just pour for few sip . The event went smooth with all the friendly Boozeat crew and Mingle around while in the Wine tasting Session .

Log In to Their Official Website at for Best Price Guaranteed on their wide range of alcohols or even Parties that going on and many much more .


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