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Today , We Been invited By Toscana Medi Clinic to understand more about Aesthetic Treatment especially Metabolight diet and this was my First time knowing about Metabolight . Anyone Of you what is Metabolight ? - Let me Tell you about Metabolight that I known and spoke by the doctors here during the Talks .

The Speech started by Dr. Lashela Dharmadass , Metabolism related in doing changes or transformation . In terms of body functions naturally and absorb nutrition foods , metabolism is about calories burned by the Treatment and eat healthy to maintain the functions of the body at anytime or anywhere even though you are busy . Foods diet plays the big role during this slimming plans too .

Marcus Osmand Creative Director of Toscana Medi Clinic , Speak out his inspiration about weight loss using Metabolight with Tuscany Medi Clinic . Amazing treatment that make your jaw dropping!! Up to 10kg in a month. Trust me , if i can why can't you....
*This is my real weightloss journey! From the weight of 118KG successfully reduce to 71KG , 47KG in few month .

Wendy Pua Success bring down her weight with full of confident now – “You will understand more about Aesethic Services that Makes You Glamorous & Confident ! I will be sharing how I lose 5kg in a month!

Dr. Kanwal Gill , Explained why we need to Identify our BMI , BMI is a statistical measure of the body fat scale based on height and weight . Concern on foods we take is important for the diet plan .

In Toscana Medi Clinic there has a great team that is not only skilled and experienced but also gave much concern on patient needed , they are ready to listen your needs on healthy and confident . In this blog I might not giving the full detail about Metabolight but feel free to dropby at Toscana Medi Clinic to know more .... Toscana Medi Clinic is located at Publika .

Catch Up my next blog by visiting Toscana Medi Clinic to get my consultation for Metabolight Treatment . I need to bring down my weight for healthy Caution .

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