International LEO Day Fiesta 2016 , Citta Mall

3rd December 2016 - Selangor Leo Clubs are celebrating the International LEO day by hosting the Internaitonal Leo Day Fiesta at CITTA Mall , Lots of exciting activities have been planned . The Event is for engaging with the surrounding society and for those family , by encouraging them to take part in exciting activities that have been provided on the day .

The launch International Day LEO Festival 2016 in Citta Mall joint force with the LEO Club in Selangor . The main objective of the carnival was to spread the word about the need for social responsibility and involvement of local communities to work together to raise funds to help those in needed . It is through their involvement in the bazaar sales and also participate in various activities that have been provided .

There was a bazaar happening too , The aim is to raise funds for Rumah Hope and Persatuan Rumah Kanak-kanak Cacat Taman Megah . The booth was set up by great heart of Leo's club youngters and others big heart community that sells foods , art and many many more .

The Preloved Store that located just beside the Event and the booth , Alot great stuff was selling in here that the sales goes to the fund raising go to Rumah Hope and Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah . Used Books , Paintings , item from public and celebrities stuffs from Amber Chia , Chriz Ooi , Dennis Yin , Jazel Lim , Adibah Noor , Dina Nadzir, Baki Zainal, Shawn Lee , the Rejuvenate Dance Crew and many more .

The Joint force to one heart to create this wonderful event happens was take part from Eight different Region District Leo club members . They work really hard on the event day as volunteering themselve to make sure everything was going well during the event .

The painting competition for the kids , The kids here are really into deep creative with their crayon and colour pencil . I was been amaze by them that how their work up on the painting from the combination of Crayon and colour pencil , Worth the prize of winning . Wining Prize was presented by Dato Robert Teo and Ms. Yap Su-Yin .

While on the Stage , Ms. Yap Su-Yin said "The Tan Sri Tan Foundation, established by the late Tan Sri Dr. Tan Chin Tuan, has been donating to various causes in Malaysia since it was started almost 40 years ago. We are glad to be able to partner ARA [Asset Management Limited] through its mall activities, especially during this festive season to bring cheer to our beneficiaries. The foundation donates to several charities helping distressed families, vulnerable children & youth, the disabled and the elderly. We are appreciative of the charities' staff and volunteers, who contribute time and energy to make lives better for others. Eight of these charitable organisations are participating in the activities in ARA malls in Kuala Lumpur, Klang and Perak. We hope such collaborations and donations will continue to bring help and comfort to the community ."

The Speacial guests was invited as :

- Ms. Yap Su-Yin CEO of Tan Sri Tan Foundation
- Dato Robert Teo , Council Member of Tan Sri Tan Foundation
- June Lim , Malaysian Country Head For ARA Asset Management Limited 
- Mr. Ir Tham Thin Yin, Field Trustee of PPKKCTM

- Mr. Jacob Mathew , Chairman of Rumah Hope

The fortunate to have the support of the Tan Sri Tan Foundation and With all the activities combined , overall been raised no less than RM27,000.00 for Rumah Hope and the Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-kanak Cacat Taman Megah . With the great efforts of Tan Sri Tan Foundation, ARA , Selangor Leo Clubs and CITTA Mall .

Rejuvenate Dance Crew do some dance Performance on stage and teach everyone how to dance Uptown Funk Steps and everyone is energize on the dance .


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