Lazada 11.11.2016 Revolution

What does it take to create an online revolution ? From November 11 to December 12 , it will be about the biggest online Christmas Sale of the year made possible by Lazada Malaysia , the country's One-Stop  Shopping and Selling Destination today . So brace yourself for the Lazada Online Revolution Sale for a truly cost-saving experience . 
Click Here for the direct link to start Shopping : LAZADA.COM.MY

Here The link For the revolution

In China, the date November 11 or 11.11 is popularly known as Single's Day in celebration of singlehood. E-Commerce retailers however have turned this holiday into the world's biggest shopping event .  Lazada begin this year 11/11 Online Revolution Sale to shout out . I'm not really sure if shopping is the best therapy for everyone who is not into a relationship but what I am definitely sure of is that it can be one of the best options in finding the best gifts for ourselves and our loved ones for this Christmas season .

During the the event , the cities’ top bloggers and influencers were given an introduction to Affiliate program in order to us to earn while promoting Lazada . With the Online Revolution program , all the attendees of the event were also given the privilege of knowing in advance some of the deals which will be released on 11.11 . Some of the deals which caught the attention of many include the MamyPoko and L’Oreal Product . In order to know more about the deals which will be released during the 11.11 Online Revolution, make sure to follow Lazada’s Affiliate bloggers and influencers . In preparation for Lazada’s upcoming Online Revolution Sale kicking off on Nov 11th , the Lazada Affiliate Marketing team went on a event tapping at the malaysian key cities Times Square , Kuala Lumpur . 

Lazada Box of Joy

With Lazada’s ever-growing assortment , attendees of the Affiliate program were given the Box of Joy . Each Box of Joy contains a variety of products such as Nescafe 3 in 1 , L’Orea hair product , Mamypoko wet tissue, Lactokid product and 64GB Scandisk Pendrive , all sponsored by Lazada’s brand partners and all this product can be purchase from Lazada  It is a proof that Lazada is not only just an online store for electronics but also a destination for shoppers interested in buying lifestyle items and groceries .

Here The link For the revolution 

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