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KUALA LUMPUR, 15th November 2016 – The scent of pure forest from Hokkaido, Japan has today made its way into Malaysian mobile space with the launch of Clear Forest, an air purifier produced and manufactured by S.T. Corporation, a public listed company in Japan . “S.T. Corporation wants to be the first in Malaysia to bring this pure Clear Forest air to the mobile space of Malaysians. We see Malaysia as a potential market for Clear Forest as Malaysians are getting more conscious about health risks and the air they breathe,” said Mr. Sorin Okudaira, General Manager, Clear Forest, S.T. Corporation Japan.
Quoting a survey by The Road Transport Department 2016, Mr. Sorin Okudaira said Malaysia has 18.8 million registered vehicles that are still active, involving 14 million drivers. The country is also ranked the world’s third highest in car ownership up to 93 per cent according to the Nielsen Global Survey of Automotive Demand .

The high number of vehicles on the road without a doubt will heighten the rate of air pollution to an alarming level. This can be further aggravated by the open burning of forests in Indonesia which caused haze every year in Malaysia. The latest was last year in October when the Air Pollution Index even hit the hazardous level of 308 in some cities in Malaysia and over 1,909,842 students from 3,029 schools in Malaysia were affected.
According to the recent UNICEF October 2016 report, one in seven of the world’s children breathe poor quality air, which is an estimation of 300 million of them. Air pollution causes almost one in every ten under-five deaths with outdoor and indoor pollution resulting to pneumonia and other respiratory diseases, making air pollution an "enormous" risk to children’s health, Mr. Sorin Okudaira added . In fact, the study in the Journal Environmental Research Letters 2016 by Harvard and Columbia researchers estimated the amount of health-threatening fine particles, often referred to as PM2.5, released by the fires that burned from July to October last year in South East Asia could have caused 100,000 deaths .

“Dubbed as the silent killer, air pollution can also lead to many other health risks, including 36% from lung cancer, 35% pulmonary disease, 34% stroke and 27% heart disease,” he said in his speech at the launching of Clear Forest today . A social responsibility to clear the air with Clear Forest The Department of Statistics in its Survey of Environmental Protection Expenditure 2015 claimed the air pollution prevention recorded the highest expenditure with RM763.5 million in Malaysia. A total of RM2.244 billion was spent for environmental protection in 2014. “While the Malaysian Government does their part annually to prevent environmental harm, we also want to do our part by bringing in Clear Forest to help clear the air. Malaysians, on the other hand, can also do their part by cultivating a habit of using eco-friendly products like Clear Forest,” said Mr. Sorin Okudaira . Clear Forest is unlike any other air purifier in the market. It is made 100% from authentic fir forest oil which gives air purifying effects as well as deodorant and antioxidant benefits . Kushiro, Hokkaido is one of the two rare places in the world to have this fir forest tree where the formulation of Clear Forest was researched and developed.
The forest fragrance emitted by the branches and leaves of fir trees, β-phellandrene can actually help soothe tension and reduce stress .

“Not to be confused, Clear Forest is more than just a deodorant. It has air purifying capabilities which help in our respiratory system, balancing the way we breathe in and out at home or while we are on the go,” said Daisuke Okamura, Deputy General Manager, International Business Division of S.T. Corporation responsible for Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Brunei markets. A study conducted by the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Japan concluded that the forest hides infinite possibilities and is truly an irreplaceable treasure for man.The fragrance from the fir trees constantly cleans the air by binding nitrogen oxide (NO2) air pollutant to form bigger particles and then dropping them to the ground. In other words, the forest fir tree itself is an air purification filter.In conjunction with the launch, S.T. Corporation has picked 11street, one of the largest online shopping platforms in Malaysia, as its partner to collaborate on e-commerce business initiatives to market Clear Forest air purifier to online consumers.“We are pleased to be partnering S.T. Corporation, a public listed company from Japan to bring its brand Clear Forest into our marketplace. With the exclusive collaboration in Malaysia, we do not only broaden our product variety for Malaysian shoppers’ selection and at the same time, we help them on keeping up with their well-beings. On the other hand, with the rise of e-commerce in Malaysia, our partnership with S.T. Corporation today adds another feather to our cap, for we are honoured to support their strategy into an omni-channel retailing in Malaysia,” shared Mr. Bruce Lim, Vice President of Merchandising Division, 11street . Sharing the same sentiments, Mr. Sorin Okudaira said, “We strongly believe we can carve a sizeable niche for Clear Forest in the air purifying market during our joint e-commerce venture with 11street. We are equally pleased to collaborate with 11street and tap on their vast and extensive knowledge and expertise in e-commerce.” According to Franco Yee, Executive Chairman, GBU Marketing Services, a distributor for Clear Forest in Malaysia, Clear Forest air purifier will be made available exclusively online on 11street ( with immediate effect. It comes in two types: Home Use/Vehicle Use (36g) with a retail price of RM49 and Vehicle Use (32g) at RM39 .

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