2016 I love Coffee & Tea Expo , Mid Valley

I love Coffee & Tea Expo was happening at Mid Valley Exhibition Center hall 1 from 10am to 9pm on 28th - 30th October 2016 , more than 100 vendors ready to serve you . This Expo is much more bigger than Previous event that we attended at Empire Shopping Gallery on July , This big Event was Organize by Forte Expo and Brings a big Variety choices for the coffee & tea Lovers to experience .

The (28th)first day event Highlight was invited ViVian Lees (Coffee Caricature Artist) show her Passion of Art Coffee Painting and (30th) Third day event Highlight was invited Thomas Kok for sharing and autograph session . Since there was huge lovers that love coffee & tea , there's the chances for everyone to catch up all the latest coffee & tea imported making machine to own one .

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Pure Caffe Tea
You will saw a big booth that located at The main entrance is Pure caffe tea , The three day Expo they giving out 9999 cup of coffee that brewed by premium bean and Italy coffee machines . On the Exhibition day Pure Caffe Tea offered great deal on the Italy coffee machines and make sure everyone can own a coffee machine with affordable price with package , while enjoying the free coffee you could stand a chance to win an Italy trip that sponsor by Pure Caffe Tea . Keep track of Pure Caffe Tea by visiting their official website : Pure Caffe Tea
Blog : Pure Caffe Tea 

3B INC (Three Bears Dutch Coffee)

Three Bears Dutch Coffee makes special brew tactic by Natural Process at least eight hours , Using only cold water , less amount caffeine than normal coffee and 100% High Quality Premium arabica coffee beans . Comes with four flavour Americano , Mocha , Caramel and Latte . Beside of the Drinks , 3B INC has the awesome art coffee machine creation . Dutch lab created Masterpiece coffee drip that only available seven Unit in the world , the price tag was crazy also . All the Coffee drip was made in korea , For more information check out their FB :  3B INC - Three Bears Dutch Coffee 더치커피

Cafebond.com is web E commerce platform to shop Austaralia coffee beans and Launched in malaysia this October . Now , coffee lovers here can get a taste of Melbourne's finest with a click of the mouse and brings specialty coffee beans from the city's cafes and roasters right to your doorstep . For more information check out their . 
FB : Cafebond Malaysia
Website : Cafebond Malaysia

Mister Coffee
Mister Coffee was begin in 1982,they started initially with the main focus of coffee roasting and provide the best in coffee via quality , sincerity and integrity . Mister Coffee is one of the largest coffee company in malaysia , since was a family business they been running the brand for three decades . They are selling more than fifty coffee products and more than twenty models of coffee machines . For more information check out their . 
FB : Mister Coffee
Website : www.mistercoffee.com.my

Coffee Origins
Coffee Origins is a cafe that located at Klang , the wall deco fill with movie poster at every booth wall that catch my eyes . They served great coffee , dessert and cakes . For more information check out their . 
FB : Coffee Origins

Essenso Microground Coffee
ESSENSO MicroGround(微磨咖啡) Coffee is not just a testament to coffee’s but also a timely acknowledgment of its gustatory importance . So begins a new dawn in coffee enjoyment . Blending finely ground Arabica coffee beans with premium Arabica instant coffee , Deeper in aroma, richer in taste . ESSENSO MicroGround(微磨咖啡) Coffee offers the right balance of sweetness, acidity and flavour, not to mention a rich, lingering taste. All this is made possible by MicroPlus . A proprietary technique that preserves the essence of coffee beans by finely grinding them at a low speed , in an oxygen-free and ultra-low temperature environment . For more information check out their . 
FB : ESSENSO Malaysia & Super Malaysia

Golding Tea
Huang Chen Hao Tea Offred Authentic handcrafted teas with no chemicals with supporting evidence produce tea at the source itself Demystifying chinese tea culture Sourcing healthy tea trees with quality control is maintained . Ng mei ling The young lady handle her family business by fly over to china doing Harvesting , Withering Stage , Frying process , Rolling tea leaves , Leaves Drying , selecting out dead leaves and stems . For more information check out their . 
FB : Golding Tea KL


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