SISTA Malaysia - High Quality Charging & Data Sync Cable

Sista ST-D10PIR Joy Apple Lightning Cable Compatible Use For Apple Lightning IP5/5S SE IP6/6S IP6+/6S+ for the price of RM29 Only. As a Smart phone or other gadget user like me surely will have Data cable for tranfers stuff or charging my Phone and bringing to everthing I'm am . You can get cheap data cable everywhere at any corner where you are and really convenience to find , But when comes to Quality do you Consider about it ??

Most of the user just care about the price but they not really consider about the risk . For me , I mostly will look for Quality then only to the price . The risk of using fake(low Quality) cable may effect damage to the Gadget or High risk that may have explosive while charging the Gadget . SISTA Malaysia is one of the trusted brand in Gadget accessories with Quality in the malaysia market .

Beside this Sista ST-D10PIR Joy Apple Lightning Cable , There was others more Cables and Phone accessories to be choose . SISTA won't just gonna stop here , they are also selling Travel Charger car charger , Power Bank , earphone , Speakers and lot others more . 

The introduction of SISTA :

SISTA is originally from Hong Kong and currently the headquarter was located at Shenzhen . SISTA was Created by a group of young enthusiasts keen on digital products , the brand Goes to international market of fashionable digitalaccessories . The founders and senior design team , with members from Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Malaysia that have a deep understanding of the development trend of the industry as well ascutting-edge stylish design . SISTA is devoted to integrating high-quality supply chain resources with independent research, design, and marketing to ensure that products achieve high standards in terms of quality control , innovation and utility . SISTA is committed to creating products with a simple but stylish appearance and tested quality . Through the perfect combination of utility and fashion , SISTA strive to provide first-class products for digital enthusiasts all over the world . SISTA sounds similar to"Sea-star", which means starfish . This famous sea creature makes the idea to create this brand .

Don't Know where to get them ??

Click This Link To see where the nearest for you to purchase  (WHERE TO BUY)

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